July Favorite moments!!!


Kansas Staff
Throw in all y'alls favorite moments in this thing!! Also feel free to give love to the other players and story members that positively influenced your weekend!! <3 <3


Kansas Staff
OH MY GOSH I had a swell weekend, so many badass moments playing the tank for people.

Huge shout outs to Lia for doing so much work to make this event happen and all the super hard logistics stuff, she's been moving and still found the time to get all our sheets ready, process blankets, and print out all of the production tags, then started cutting them out. WE LOVE YOU LIA!!!

Some of my favorite moments:

The intense roleplay between Madrigal, Malik (Zakar ♥), and their son (Jack) during the spirit farewell ritual. There wasn't a person anywhere nearby that wasn't crying at it. such passion, so amazing.

The women's mod team that was running around and hecking up all the baddies everywhere! That was really cool to see and it brought so many players together in ways that normally doesn't happen in our chapter! Was REALLY exciting to see, hope to see more of it in the future *Cough* Order of the silver rose *Cough*

THE BURRITOS IN THE TAVERN WERE AMAZING!!! Thank you Kip for taking the time to run tavern this weekend!!!

Gambit, getting kidnapped together and some of the roleplay we got to have outside was awesome!

Gabbie and Nick, y'alls dark elves were awesome! I really loved the general feeling of not giving any fucks that permeated from you all weekend. It was SO COOL.

Ron & Lia, Go Blue Go!!! Go Pink Go!!!

Lucien & Rooooo-something (I forgot your name I'm terribly sorry) Thank you both for all the hardwork cooking for us!!! That flame bit and all the freshly charred meat was AMAZING and just what we all needed Saturday night.

Tyali!!! During the spin the bottle game your excitement was totally infectious, we all watched and giggled happily as we saw you skipping around the field looking for someone to go smooch!!

John, all the work and time you spent running around as Verick(sp?) was super cool to see, I'm glad so many people got to have those interactions with you, I'm jealous that I haven't snuck off and listened in on it yet.

Nathan, Glendon, Maxx, and Skyler, Y'all really killed it with all the running around and energy, even with the smaller NPC crew that we have at events, y'all were always SO excited to run around and have roles and to go mess with the PCs.

Zakar, thank you for coming out even after your real intense injury in Denver you still made it out for our event and NPC'd for awhile, it was really awesome seeing all that passion you had for the event <3

New folks!! I'm so terribly sorry I didn't get to learn your names during the event, but I did very much enjoy all of the interactions we got to have together, whether it be grumbling at you not to die, or sparring with you outside the tavern, your enthusiasm for everything (and caution) was very enjoyable and really made my game better.

Lastly Val...... 3 silver.... *glare*....

XOXO hearts to all of you and thank you for continuing to make the events awesome and like a family to me! I can't wait to see all of you again.


This event was awesome and I am sad it had to end so soon.

Let's see highlights.

  • Suddenly Zakar as an NPC, and getting to have some touching moments w some of his characters.
  • Nathan, you playing Brendan ABSOLUTELY made my event playing Brendan. I can not stress just how much it really drew out what I was hoping for with Elisandra as a character. I absolutely love the heavy heavy RP stuff, and that time was absolutely amazing.
  • Poor pink. I'm sorry your daddy left you... and that he is a undead douchebag that totally earned what happened to him...... But I still love you pink
  • Lia and Tyalie for engaging with me in an attempt to get my characters dreams off of the ground. I'm hoping we can do more plot together.
  • Going on the smaller stuff with Madrigal was awesome. The RP at the gravestone was super intense, standing vigil and making sure no one disturbed her farewell was great.
  • Kip, thank you so much for the food, and especially the dieing pan justice delivered in the tavern.
  • I actually got to talk with Grunt about things! It wasn't much but I was happy to actually meet him.
  • The antagonism between Saren and Elisandra got super intense! I was really glad to have been able to do that with Nick, and double-y glad to have been able to chat OOG to get to know each others RP styles a little better so that we can continue their very very "interesting" dynamic.
  • Teaching Arafae things behind Saren's back. (Naughty naughty)
  • The number of compliments I got on Elisandra's outfits. I was sooooo self conscious of how it would turn out, but seeing how people responded to it was such a huge confidence booster. Thank you all so much for those!
  • Ladies mod! It was so much fun to be able to spend that time with you all, you all are so wonderfully competent, and even though that fight was SUPER hard we all worked together so well. It was really nice to see us all supporting and watching each others back, and drinking lemonade!
Im looking forward to seeing you all again in a few weeks, and even though I'm not a KS native, you all make me feel so welcome that I have to keep coming back.


Kansas Staff
I had such a blast this game. Where to begin.
  • Elisandra Vs. Saren TEACHER BATTLE. 10/10 would recommend.
  • "One duckling, two duckling, three duckling."
  • The part where Lilliana tells Arrafae to NOT eat another Fey-grape. And then Saren gives her another Fey-grape.
  • THE HECCKING LION JELLY FISH. I absolutely loved that monster! It's probably to date my favorite Chimera.
  • Giving Gambit a hard time for going to get food.
  • Saren and Arrafae convincing the Dryad to give them more loot.
  • The Scene between Saren and Madrigal.
    Saren yells at Madrigal to not rush in and get herself killed or put herself in danger.
    Madrigal saying "Yeah, well you're not Sandro!"
    And Saren just.. ".. Who the **** is Sandro? He sounds like a tool."
  • All of the little chats and hang outs Saren was able to do with his coterie.


oh this was my second larp I've been to and second time as a npc! I had a blast here are some of my favorite parts!!!
  • Friday night when we played as rats and just danced the night away. Then when Madrigal used her smart raven brain and just mimicked us and we had a good ole fashion Congo line.
  • Being a giant lion jelly fish and watching Saren just throw spells at us and experimenting / showing the new people about how you have to be careful at what you attack and find the weak spots where to attack.
  • being an orc and just kicking in the tavern door and yelling who wants to play a game and every body just sitting there like what in the world and just start hitting them.
  • also as always causing chaos as a npc <3


Oh man, so much fun stuff.

Rp with Grunt discussing the necromacy "incident", Val was indeed a scratching post, and then watching out for eachother afterwards. Damage taken btw XD and totally deserved. Lololol
Meeting Saren "oh no, I absolutely definitely don't know where your brother is"...
Pirate attack, made an arch-nemesis, she really needs to remember to killing blow.
Rping with Kipp and Verec, many things discussed...
NPCing was a blast! I had a lot of fun as Agnes and the ghost lady!
I loved going and ganking the slimes with the ladies, that was a fun way to get to know them more, especially the newer players.
Finally getting rid of that blasted celestial magic!!! Thank goodness for the star goloms lolol

I had so much fun with everyone. Thank you all!!!

Lia Lonalys

I'm sad I had no time to even post this until now! darned adulting gets in the way lol!

This event went SOOOO much smoother than our opener, and that was thanks to all the cooperation and teamwork of our amazing chapter. Like for real, this larp-fam is hands down the best I have ever had the pleasure to work with. This event was proof of how accepting we are as a group, and how much we care about eachother and watch each other's backs.

My favorite moments!!:
  • Interacting with the two new 'noble' house representatives in our midst! There's interesting plot afoot! I'm excited to see where this leads.
  • The ghost couple mod! I'm so glad I adventured out to find that. It was very bittersweet and the NPC's did SUCH a great job!! I just about cried. MADRIGAAAAALLLLL <3
  • The Spirit farewell for Madrigal. Again, wow such feels. Amazing RP, and getting to watch Madrigal's character all at once gain closure, and a vendetta.
  • Being a rat! Now that was random and riddiculous, and just all over the place. Lots of combat AND whimsy! Lol.
  • The old woman and her plant hut! I spent the majority of that fight suffering from hallucinations, BUT! the results were amazing. Everyone got the practice of roleplaying effects, especially our newbies for the first time, and those of us who stayed behind got an extra special treat of meeting a brand new Dryad NPC bwahahah!
  • The king of the woods/corruption story-line beginnings. That was very much all the intrigue. I love how all the little clues in plot are slowly coming together, but there's only JUST enough to keep all the players guessing who are trying to figure it out. This led to some interesting character connections.
  • The walk at night with Verec. NOW we got some SRS plot going on. Lia has never been directly involved in plot before besides spiders which there was only a bit of this last game, so this is exciting yeiiiiy!
  • Pink and Blue. .. MAAANNN.. I hate the sadness. But, go go gadget roleplay. Next time pink'll bounce back! What is happening to Blue?!?!? Such drama, such darkness!!
  • THE BADASS BATTLE BEAUTIES MOD!!!! That all-female battle group was TONS of fun. I got to play out my role as a back-pack healer so darned well. It was lots of fun. But I ran out of potions.. again... >n<;; BUT STILL AWESOME! Definitely gonna do an all female mod at least once each event.