July Favorites


NEPA Staff

This is where you tell us the staff as well as your friends what you enjoyed about the July event on either side of the fence!


What a killer event, guys. Between being fancy and being FANCY, I had a great time. I am now exhausted and utterly uninspired in my command of language, so I apologize for the ineloquent nature of the following barely-cogent favorites.

1. Everything Red Back. Every time I turned around I saw red and black, and it wasn't always the Vanguard for once! ;)
2. Our new family members. Thanks for going on all of those adventures with us, guys. You were an awesome addition to the group and I really hope we see Oxea, Lu'car and Loxos again. Thank you for helping us be intimidating and very, very present.
3. After the success of smooth Barran coffee and Taryn's bar, I'm totally ok with taking responsibility for instigating Jill's and Elissa's loooong trip here :p I always love playing with you guys. You go ALL OUT in everything and pretty much never break character, and it is awesome. You set a really great bar for roleplay and passion in this game and I am really happy that you're around so much now :) Taryn is hilariously confusing and Nashira is impossibly endearing. KEEP DOING THE THING.
4. "Is that...chalk?"
5. "Cousin. Wake up cousin." "Watcher, I fear I am conquered."
6. Red Back photobooth in the basement.
6.5. Jeramy's AMAZING PHOTOS. I am so pleased you will be doing our wedding pictures! They look fantastic. I need to make seventeen more facebook pages just to have them all as my profile picture.
7. Cuar and Rali realizing that, actually, no one wanted to kill anyone and hey maybe we can be friends do you want to go hunting?
8. "And this is the tale of my sad, sad life of misunderstanding and BUNNY!"
9. I enjoyed getting hilariously fakedrunk. I didn't even have to use a SINGLE ONE of my gobbied Antidotes!
10. Balls and barrels. Apparently depth perception and hand-eye coordination improves with a Feeblemind?
11. Cutthroat Alchemy was HILARIOUS to watch. Make this a tradition please.
12. Dave Erhart's NPC peasant. I am sorry for continually standing next to you innocently. I will admit that yes - it was just to hear you scream and run away.

Thank you to plot for making the event very unique and very special for us. Thank you to everyone who showed up to make it really feel like a huge festival. Thank you to our NPCs who were stellar as always. And thanks to AGB for setting the framework for the Red Back into Alliance and to Kris for really pushing such an amazing packet into the limelight. It's really telling when you leave a game and three more people come up to you asking to join in the next time you roll out as Spiders :)

Can't wait until August!


Hey, friends. To start, let's talk about how amazing the tavern looked this weekend. I don't know who among the staff and players came in to set that up, but kudos to y'all for making it really feel like a festival with all the lighting, lanterns, paintings, etc. I know that setting up like that takes a lot of time, and the care and effort you put into it shows how important it was to make this really feel like a festival for the players.

This weekend, I checked so many things off my character bucket list and I don't think I can talk about half of them.

-Clan Vidua. Maggie, Perkins, Jeramy, Cyril, and, of course, Wyn and Emily - you guys really rolled hard with your RP and it felt like V was finally getting her family-family (as opposed to The Family) back. Thank you all for making me feel like a pimp Matriarch, thank you for jumping in feet first into dirty deeds done not even kind of dirt-cheaply, thank you for being as tirelessly creepy and disconcerting as you could be. I am so happy to stand in corners and be intimidating with each of you, and I am looking forward to future months and the additional folks who'll be joining us in the future. <3
-Seeing a man about some artifacts.
-Touch Stumps.
-"ARE THOSE SEX DICE?" and playing Love Letter with various folks. I mean, uh, HAAANDMAAIDEN? Wait, no, I mean Sensual Favor Cubes.
-Sabotaging the tournament by adding Simon's flute to the scavenger hunt list. And then joining him in some duets with my powerful pink kazoo that I do not know how to play.
-"Hey Oxea, do you want to maybe consider being the matriarch of B'shopi tho'? I can help you do that." *WIBBLE*
-"...Is that music?" "...Are those undead dancing?" "THOSE UNDEAD ARE DANCING." That time V and Tvard tried to covertly dance through a skeleton rave to kill the lich DJ and, ultimately, Tvard having a dance-off with the lich.
-Being the Very First Salad for some fellow trees and sad elves. Lili's face when I said "I am the first". Qualin's sad faces. Akiva's everything. Alda remembering me.
-Dave Erhart's NPC who was just inordinately terrified of us.
-Eating infant hearts for dinner. Thanks for saving some hearts for me, Tom!
-I Went to Icenia and Swore an Oath of Fealty to Dame Kailani and All I Got Was This Belt Favor That Clashes with Everything.

Thanks to everyone on staff for making this event fun and relaxing and so enjoyable. Thanks to Alex for being the chef. Thanks to Collin for facilitating some insane things. Thanks to Frisco Cruise for pulling together an outfit for me for the ball when my Etsy vendor screwed me over. See y'all next month!

Ericka S.

Fan-frakking-tastic event, folks. I really had a lovely time, even if I barely modded at all. Roleplay was wonderful, setting was wonderful, really, everything rocked. Here's some of my highlights, as I can remember them!

- Bloodwine? What the hell is bloodwine? Oh shiiiittt... Walking into game and getting promptly schwasted with Nickolai and Reyna was lovely. I think it helped smoothe over a lot of the shock of being in "What the hellmagic?!" lands that Jules was feeling. Easier to take Dragons and magic rituals four sheets to the wind.
- So many good conversations about home versus this strange new place, I can't name them all. It was fascinating to watch the cultures clash and merge.
- No, Al, I'm never going into your brain again. NevereverEVER.
- All the warnings NOT to shake Grimm's hand, and then it being totally okay to shake Grimm's hand.
- Sitting with Mischa and Amaranthus to talk through all the possible, horrible things that could be coming for Nine Towers. It was the first conversation of the weekend that turned a very happy, relaxed vacation into an immediate want to puke. Jules is certain she's going home to die now. "I don't believe in happy endings..."
- Cut-throat Alchemy. That entire competition was one of the most hilarious things to watch in ages. Seeing Mischa and Kar pair up making it easier to cheer for them both, and then all the messiness. Scotty, you were an amazing competition runner. I'd watch Food Network for that.
- Sucking at every formal competition event and that being O.K. It felt like a genuinely friendly competition and everyone cheered everyone else on which was welcoming and awesome. It was a properly lovely festival like that.
- Fire performance. I cannot remember the last time I watched such beautiful people doing such beautiful things.
- Irina -- every scene was great, seriously. I loved meeting this character. From discussion of culture, travel, geography, to your little stuffed dragon. Jules so enjoyed your company.
- Reyna -- Also new dear and immediate friend. I knew Jules and murder tree would get along, but I didn't realize how immediate and fiercely awesome it would be.
- Delicate f*cking princess -- Jules has no clue how this started and she hates every part of it to the point she cannot even say words but growls in rage every time she gets called your highness. =)
- Learning to Parry Coreheim style. Dammit, boys, dammit. You know you can start to roll with the boys from the size of the bruises. =)
- Conversations with Paolo about what it is to be a surgeon and his strange and varied history.
- The Ball. Everything about it. The music, the lights, seeing everyone in fancy costuming, blushing and awkwardly trying to be in a dress. Learning to dance with Stephano and then managing to get away without ever dancing. Blushing at every corner. Also, Stephano's reaction to Jules in the dress was everything I and she could have hoped for and dreamt. Thanks for giving me that moment, Dave. It meant a lot.
- Prince Coldwine and so much messiness. Jules announced him and the ambassador then promptly dashed off for fudge and trollweed. Still ended up sitting around and helping listen/explain about the messiness back home to the Baron and company.
- Balls and barrels was THE FRIGGIN' BEST. Hell, every interaction with Baron Grimm was kick ***, but that was such an awesome, fun game with rocking opponents and a perfect gentleman in a partner of Paolo! Also, super intoxicated feeble minded Paolo.
- "You have made my life better for just being here..."
- Sunday morning with Mischa and the failed attempt at trying to spirit farewell Morris. Tears of hope at even thinking we could do it, then sucking it all up and zipping it away when we couldn't. Arguing with Mischa about breeches, things we can do to help home, almost coming to yelling just to have her drink a silence potion and Jules storm off. Oh, birbs...
- Listening to Flint nearly shite himself or have a heart attack talking to Wyvern. Oh, and, WTF, WYVERN. Jules is so going back home to the land of SANITY!

I KNOW I'm missing things, but it's hard to encompass a lot of awesome in a short post. Thanks for taking this mistwalker in and treating her like family!


The lead up to this event, by itself, made the event awesome.

And then there was the fancy event of fanciness itself.

-Impromptu event attendance. July was going to be an off month. And then it so, so, SO was not. And it was glorious.
-Nashira's first trip through the mist. That was a time.
-Ooh, much free build. I'ma pick up those alchemy ranks. "There was a treasonous elf that did a thing, and now he just did this thing, and there are dryads with orange goo on them" Alchemy plot via my IG guild predecessor?! oooh, y'don't say...
-Elosdi cures for daaaaays
-SEEING ALL THE PEOPLE I HAVEN'T SEEN IN FOREVER, HI GUYS! :) I don't think I hugged half of you half as much as I would have liked.
-That bar. Oh that bar of glorious mocktail IG goodness. Yes, that bar. Jill did a glorious thing.
-Taryn and Rali shenanigans. I am so, so sad oog I missed the IG exchange of the chalk. But oh, Nashira's amusement while watching the interactions.
-The strange hesitant, but not, interactions between V and Nashira. There is so much polite from opposite ends of the spectrum in one spatio-temporal place with slipped in odd fondness.
-BALL AND BARREL QUEEN AND HER WINGMAN. I believe "Royally trounced" is officially an official thing.
-Fantasy science. All of it.
-Water fruit.
-Discovering the joys of a crop top in the heat of heats.
-Flint's reaction to Nashira. Coggins, all the <3 Best reaction ever.
-Strange fleeting and sudden deep conversations
-I love playing this character.
-"There is alcohol in it." "There's nothing in it!!!" "I am aware there is not an intoxicate in the cup. There is, however, still alcohol."
-Holy Red Backs, Batman. Loved it. Nashira was politely uncomfortable in your general direction the whole event ;)
-I lost count of how many times Nashira sighed in her head. There was a lot of times. And it is all the amusing for me.
-Sitting down and making a grass bracelet/necklace

I had much fun! It was absolutely wonderful to be back in the region for an event and see everyone :D


A few random favorites from some random newb

1) Watching the PC's and NPC run with my mod, thinking to myself that it was not going how I anticipated, and the realizing it was just fine. Thanks for playing Goblin Red Rover.

2) After said mod having one of the players saying to the hook, "I think we got played" and having to dead-pan-face the "I think you are right" response.

3) Being able to help a friend dress for the ball.

4) Giving people fashion advice for how period clothing ought to be worn. (Shirt tucked in for you, shirt tucked out for you)

5) Coming up with a plan, then having better thoughts.

6) Kielbasa! Particularly the fun in sharing.

7) Getting promoted. Norden, you're up!

8) Watching Ket try to do a Sgt Neville Drill instructor impersonation.

9) The Grand melee. I so thought I was going to get mobbed, but I got to calmly pick my fights, fought pretty much one on one, made sure others fought one on one, and I got the extreme pleasure of facing off with Flint at the end.

10) Conversations with Alor, because this is just going to be so much fun.

Well, it's off to writing the next events mods, and mods for GB. See you all in August.

Joe Siegel
resident Jerk

Lanna Rose

First off thank you NPCs. You guys rock.

Okay...here we go

Getting to play Lanna while Chris is playing Cuar. I am so happy that we finally lined up being able to play characters that like each other in HQ.

Hanging out with Zat! I have always loved haning out with her and this weekend was no exception.

Pumpkin Coconut waffles!

Seeing everyone that Lanna is close to. Even though I see most of you at every HQ event it was nice to see as a different character.

Listening to Cuar and Rali make amends. Then actually having a conversation with her. Hinting that Cuar should have Rali help with our daughter's coming of age ceremony.

Hanging out with Violet and Bubkiss.

Building a dam and playing with the crawfish.

Finally going on the bug bear mod.

Winning the Hunt because no one entered after me. Well...except Ona with his one item.

The ball! Soothing Cuar while he was jittery about being social. Then playing escort while he was drunk. Watching his face while he played bar tender. It was a good time.

Seeing all the amazing masks and outfits for the ball.

Learning Earth magic!

I am deffinitly forgetting things but overall it was an amazing weekend.


First and foremost, this is all Emily/Rali's fault that I/Taryn showed up!

It was so great to see everyone that I have not seen in such a long time, and to meet new people as well!

On to the favorites.

- As Elissa mentioned this was an impromptu event attendance. So glad we decided to come.
-First thing out the gate Taryn with beer in hand walks into the tavern to scope out the place, she is not even there long and some grumpy MWE yells for people to be quiet. Then she finds out that is Prolon. Continues to call him her nickname under her breath the whole time until she meets him.
-Taryn traveling through the mist for the first time. So young and so... "What the heck is with so much kneeling?" " Can I just duck walk? Would that be okay instead of kneeling every time? There are to many white belts."
- Meeting Kiba and Caoimhe at the same time trying so hard to not mess that up.
- Andros interrogating Taryn to teach her teacher and making her really nervous because he said to keep eye contact with him the whole time. "So how did you obtain the expensive chocolate?" "I met a guy in a dark ally. I tried the goods before I bought the chocolate powder. SO it is all good." "Yes I will buy from him again."
-Taryn sitting at the table with Prolon and Donna's Paladin character. ( I can't remember the name, all Taryn kept hearing was similar to Vox's name!) Her trying to understand why both of them look like they just lost their favorite teddy bear. Prolon trying to explain the code and Taryn going uhm.. oh nevermind.
-Throwing a packet in the direction of Caoimhe before meeting her. Realizing that she should go say something because she didn't mean for it to get so close to Caoimhe. Caoimhe's reaction was great. But of course Taryn couldn't let it lie so she went back for more. "So what would you do if I did hit you?" with a great big smirk on her face.
-All the interactions with Rali leading up to the ball and after. You left that dragon and he should have a better home!
-People feeling sorry for Taryn because she had a debt to pay. Taryn wasn't upset, she was just trying to figure out how to level the playing field. Then 2 people gave her all the money to pay it back. Taryn is still wondering why people keep giving her money... Taryn has not forgot who still have a positive on their tab!
- The Ball! All of it!
-"Yes, it is Chalk."
- "Treat my daughter well!" later followed by "I hope you are pleased with how I treated her."
-Yelling "Bar is open", bending down to pick up some remaining items and looking up and seeing a horde of people. "I did not plan for this at all!" THANK YOU ALL WHO BOUGHT DRINKS! I had a blast and it was so crazy!!!
-Thank you Cuar (Chris) for jumping behind the bar to take a load off of Taryn! Holy crap. I know I saw people like 3 or 4 times come up to the bar! Sorry I had to shut it down midway to enjoy the ball myself!
- Also thank you to Ket (Mike) for hopping back there too to help because you are all drunks! Every last one of you and I love it!
- Booze makes Friends!
-Balls and Barrels! Emily trying to eat the ball when feeble minded. OH MY! I was like no no no stop that. Thank you whoever bravely held me up while I was affected by vertigo. So much fun and yes Taryn is taking this game back to Barran because YES!
- Meeting Grim and realizing they will be great drinking buddies! Kyle thank you so much for giving me ice! LOL
-Sunday wave battle fighting a lizard and getting hit with a prepare to die. Calling magic armor and then feeling 2 packets touch my back simultaneously for a new magic armor. Wow Redbacks got your back.. OH no..
- The Red Backs were really fun to watch and interact with.
- The fire show was awesome!
-Jeremy and Mike thank you for taking pictures!!
-Frisco, THANK YOU! THANK YOU for doing massages in the Tavern. Boy did I need one.
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This event was delightful and I loved it. Due to my PC being on vacation I said Nope to plot and mods, and spent all my time RPing and being a spectator. Thanks for the opportunity for a PC from the Sadlands to practice being happy.

- The dance and fire show. That was spectacular and also super immersive to have such in-genre entertainment.

-Joke contest. Mockery of the nobles being allowed yet nobody really went there.

-Alchemy balls and barrels. Refusing the Purify option in advance, trying to touch fluffy or colorful things while experiencing Feeblemind, Vertigo, and Hallucinate combined, and only knowing OOG that this caused some feelings. Who knew beer pong could be serious business?

-Oh my gosh everyone was so pretty at the ball! So many gorgeous masks and outfits. It was difficult to be polite and not stare. Also, everyone is Ona time.

-Prolon deadpanning the explanation of how he does his eye makeup after he clearly heard the entire conversation started by Irina about his attractiveness.

-Rambling about the Moonsong orphanage and wanting to be a good influence on the human children who will have adult grandchildren by the time Nerium would have been considered fully adult in her Vale. This conversation on the same day as discussing preparing a will because Withering Knights run Legionnaires through with Shatter Spirit and dragons can throw Obliterate.

-Have I mentioned being happy? Seriously, it's one thing to imagine that PCs have downtime to relax between the gatherings that attract concentrated trouble, but it great to actually play that out. Time for personal conversations, blatant flirting, meals that didn't end with using combat as a digestive aid. Getting to actually play what a PC is like when not under duress. Now I feel refreshed to get back to emotional rollercoasters and adrenaline rushes.


Here is some stuff I liked ahhh ok!

-First off, holy cow NPC's. There were a bazillion of us and a handful of you and always things to do, so well done! And plot, you throw a hell of a party!
-Mistwalking into other chapters is always so much fun, especially ones full of magic and dragons. Everything is so different. Belts. Magic items. Monsters. It was really fun to kind of be the dumb little bumpkin in a world of big dogs. And meeting an entire world of new people was amazing.
-That ball, tho! Wow, that was so much fun. You are all incredibly attractive people and looked spectacular.
-And that bar!
-Prolon, the next time you come to Oldcliffe Mischa is going to throttle you, I swear to Bob!
-That small bit of far too late night PVP between some of the folks in Brittington and the visiting Renlathan dignitaries. That... that was a challenge.
-Cutthroat Alchemist. The stomach ache afterwards was totally worth it. Well done, Tinder!
-Talking to Amaranthus about the undead, and feeling Mischa's stomach drop out from under her as it just kept getting worse and worse and worse.
-Long talks with Baron Grim. That may have been one of the highlights of the entire weekend. I rarely IG get to talk to other PC's who understand me so well, so that was a special treat.
-All things Flint.
-Getting some utterly ridiculous NPC pal around time with Irina, as well as some equally delightful IG time.
-A tavern full of barely made friends and strangers pulling together a Spirit Farewell and all the components for a couple of Biata they have never met on the off chance that it miiiiiight let them say goodbye to their friend. Holy cow, guys. That made me cry a bit for real!
-"There is no such thing as dragons!"
-A whole day of laughing and talking and games and not worrying about dying was a much needed vacation!

Thanks for letting me go to your party!


Hey all,

This was a really great event to come to Alliance for after a hiatus. Everybody on staff and those who volunteered to NPC were amazing. I thank you all very much for putting on such a great game!

-Thanks to my team for keeping me motivated, and being amazing sports & roleplayers. I feel really cool to roll with such great folks.
-Susie Guarino is such a great friend and booster. What a great time we had at prom, hehe. Thanks for bringing your all to the event.
-Aaron Bonito (Tinder) is pretty much my brother oog as well as ig. We rif and improv off eachother seemlessly. You always make my game better man.
-Team Red Back: You guys looked amazing, roleplayed amazing, and were totally a huge boon to everybody's experience. Thank you all for coming!!
-Tycho/Dan G - you're a beast. You were literally a bear. Can't wait to play with you again!
-Having an opportunity to re-meet Dio and Laa & their super cool PCs! It was very fun hanging with you guys!!
-The Dragon Dance! Thanks Frisco, Dio, Laa, and Samara for lighting it up for us! It was really cool!
-Wow everybody's costumes were so cool for the ball!!
-Some great RP w/ Lady Vacht - it feels good to have a goal to reach for my character again.
-Thank you to Frisco and Illana for helping my Boulderback become a Gravelback.

Guys, really, the whole event is a 'favorite' for me. I'm a rusty stick jock, I don't have a lot of relevant and ready plot knowledge, and I am still sort of figuring out where I fit. A low-key, combat if you come get it, weekend was perfect for me personally. The weird heat fried-brain and goofy beard tan was totally worth it.

Special thanks to Donna Hellmuth for encouraging me to contribute and attend this event. You and your whole team are truly amazing.

Great times - here's to more soon!

-Justin Coggin
I've recovered. I survived.

- Tournaments yo. Thank you everyone for the constant support and love both IG and OOG. This event really took a toll on me in the minutes, hours, days before. Y'all kept me running.
- Birb friend. Stephano/Jules is an awesome thing and drowning people in taffata is almost as bada** as someone stabbing someone else with their own rib. Dat dress tho. And that everything. I didn't think Stephano could be part of any love story but lo and behold, he went and found his shield maiden.
- Cutthroat Alchemy. Guys, I told you, YOU HAVE TO GIVE HER SPECIFIC RULES OR SHE'LL BREAK EVERYTHING! Also, Scotty, you need help. Or more cheese and sausage.
- Everyone was more stunning than I could have imagined for the Ball. Thanks for coming out for that.
- I'm biased but that chicken pot pie. That's what I needed.
- Speaking of food, just having the meat and cheese corner with whomever would walk over and all the great talks we had.
- Watching the weekend develop and listening and being part of the plans to solve the problems.
- Unexpected wyverns and Stephano's sheer panic. "Someone with more authority than I better start speaking up and soon"

Thanks everyone for coming out and making it an awesome event!


- Last second babysitting after a mini-family emergency... kind of tops all the lists
- Getting fancy! I was really happy with my dress and I was glad I didn't make it just to decorate a closet!
- RP with Alda, Anna and, of course, Qualin in the coolness of the woods.
- Hanging with Alor and Caoihme and even Rhys ;)
- Disapproving scowl (don't worry it was justified)
- Finally playing stable Lia

So glad we made it! Now, to find a way to go hang out in the Ash Forest in September...

Flyaway Bird

Dudes. DUDES. Thank you Plot, thank you NPCs, thank you photographers and videographers, thank you everyone who had a hand in making Nerd Prom happen. It was everything I'd hoped it would be and more.

~ Having an odd and delightful assortment of friends from all over Fortannis to hang out with. I love all'a y'all.

~ I achieved my goal of not casting a single spell this weekend, so every moment was just roleplay roleplay roleplay and it was the BEST.

~ So many Pa'ani friends! My girl Larien, AND Lanna, AND new friend Usti! Also, hooray for not summoning a pantherghast with our mere presence!

~ Offering to make Stephano some pasties since he couldn't keep his nipples in check (daisies with tassels were the final determination). Explaining the physics of tassel twirling.

~ The Irina-is-a-bird joke continues to evolve and is still hilarious.

~ Jules! Instant friendship. If Stephano vouches for you, you must be pretty okay people, but Jules was awesome all on her own. Even if she IS the Mind Police.

~ SO MANY RED BACKS. Well done looking intimidating yet sexy as hell!

~ Taryn and Rali flirting (sorta). Jules and Stephano being adorable. Surion and Nerium being adorable. I am so charmed by all the cute IG romances happening.

~ Despona Garrick. Hee!

~ Larien and Irina, when two minds are so much better than one. Amy, thank you for being so brilliant and being my favourite plot-discovering partner.

~ Countess Taggart, and promising her Paladin that we would have absolutely no fun.

~ Cutthroat Alchemist oh my god. When Mischa put the recipe book in her decolletage, I knew we were in for a Good Time.


~ Looking totally fly with my two gorgeous dates. I am DEVASTATED I didn't know Mike was taking prom photos in the side room!

~ Getting royally trounced at Balls and Barrels! Also that was the first time Irina had ever taken a Feeblemind so I wasn't sure how I wanted to roleplay it, until someone yelled "You're a bird!" Yup, can work with that.

~ Britney as the Flame Upon the Altar, you looked absolutely beautiful and were a blast to play with!

~ Leaky beak!

~ Jules barely containing her panic attack in the presence of the Wyverns. I LOVE when PCs really get into the roleplay of being around incomprehensibly powerful beings, even when they're played by our friends. It adds so, so much.

~ Petunia the Dagron.

~ Chatting with Surion and Nerium. Always a pleasure to roleplay with them, and I get a special kick out of interacting with "my" players because I get to hear secondhand about plot I wrote (and hear how the players have taken those plot threads and expanded upon them).

~ Frisco, Dio and Laa, my incredible Dragon Dance buddies. Thank you for teaching me how to play WITH fire without setting myself ON fire, and thank you for being amazing and hilarious and rolling with it from start to finish.

This was exactly the event we needed. Thank you again.