July Favorites


Minnesota Staff
This was a real fun event! Thank you plot and NPCs for making this another great weekend. And a big thanks to Zihr for taking the responsibility of doing all the cooking for this event. We appreciate you!

A few of my favorites were
Getting the hook for "A murder most fowl" and Zihr debating whether or not he had enough time to go on the mod because of supper and cleanup, deciding to go, and realizing that it was a werewolf mod. His reaction was great. And thank you to all the newer NPCs who got to take charge running that mod! You guys did great.

I think my favorite fight of the event was stage 1 of the mission to get the Earl. I liked the NPC battle line, they all did a great job, and it was just a really fun fight to have all the NPCs out there on the field at one time with all this stuff going on. I got to resist all the commands William threw at me (sorry not sorry Mr. Spellcaster) and silenced Jordan just before he could start the incant to some spell. Charming all the NPCs to heal us and fight their friends was fun, overall I just really enjoyed the battle.

The late night Magic Guild puzzle mod was really fun. That was a good wind-down mod, and it was a lot of fun going through all the different ways to try it. I'm still not entirely sure we didnt summon some extra-planar creature somewhere, but that's just details.

Everyone agreeing to give Faraan the magic gem after hearing that his polearm got shattered 8 times was really cool. Love to see our newer players get to have some cool stuff like that.
I had a great time as always, despite the heat. Someday we'll have an event without weather issues. Here are some of my favorites in no particular order.

  • Boat mod shenanigans
  • Zhir: Zen do you ever smile?
    Me: No.
    (I smile on the inside though)
  • Polearm swapping with the only rendered polearm on the field
  • Shady vizier Gandian is my new favorite Gandian
  • Me walking away from the Earl's house.
    Smoke begins to rise from the house.
    Dang it Bethanne.
  • The entirety of the murder most fowl. I'm still not entirely sure that Zihr is not a werewolf. Maybe it's his evil twin Zhir
  • The Earl, seeing Eberis in danger, rolling up on Zen and Gandian and quickly realizing that was a mistake
Josh Stewart, player of Zen

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New Player here, Reese Lloyd, I played Palucir Marsh this weekend as my first time PCing. Overall it was a great weekend! I enjoyed meeting everyone and participating in all of the fun mods.
By far my favorite mod was the agility mod that we did for the Seeker’s Guild that was super fun jumping around on the platforms and fighting the bats flying around us.
Around the tavern at the end of Saturday sitting in the circle of chairs and just having fun chatting was super fun as well as Aurynn’s tea time which was sublime and useful to go around town and see who did what.
Everyone was super helpful with all of us new players in helping explain what things were and how we did certain things and explaining some rules questions for us. I too loved the practically unanimous vote to give Faraan the enchantment gem as it definitely showed that everyone cared about helping a new player get situated in the game.
Big thanks to all PCs and NPCs alike for helping make this game so much fun!
-Palucir Marsh

Payton (Bel)

Minnesota Staff
It was great to get back into the swing of things after being gone for so long! My favorite parts:

  • Getting to catch up with so many old friends and getting to know a lot of people that I had previously not talked to very much
  • Finally my spell parry ritual cast (Thank you Gandian for helping me track down the components I needed and Beryl for casting it!)
  • Seeing Zihr's reaction to the Murder Most Foul mod; the dances in the inn were very amusing. I'm not sure if I've ever seen someone so excited!
  • Using magic for the first time
  • Everything about the raid on the Golden Leaflet from the hook, to bringing far more people than the NPCs expected, to getting hilariously dropped at the beginning of the battle. That was the first time I've sort of led something like that, so it was all very new to me.
  • Saving the mage from the sea monster (which looked awesome, by the way). Even though everyone got a bit irritated with him, I thought he was hilarious.
  • Seeing Faraan swinging 7s with his polearm on his second event (when he had one that wasn't shattered) was really awesome
  • Watching Zihr let people into the kitchen only to trap them inside was absolutely hilarious
  • Tons of great roleplay with both PCs and NPCs, I was able to get involved in more RP at this event than any other event I've been to
There were plenty of other moments I loved, but I'm gonna keep this short! It's great to be back, thank you to all the PCs and NPCs that helped make this a great event!


So many favs. Some great opportunity for RP. And great plot points. Some odd the faves just going through everything.
  1. The first half of the fight to get to the Earl's compound. The second half was still fun but man was I exhausted. I loved seeing the magic users charm them to fight for us as I was so exhausted at that point.
  2. Yellingat Gandian and seeing Zihr literally jump scare because he wasn't expecting it. (Sorry Alexander nerves were raw at that point and being exhausted from battle I didn't need to yell)
  3. Leading a successful strike team mission on the lighthouse against the 7 eyed kabhal and that awful sea monster.
  4. Seeing Gronk and Sera Fiona after not seeing them for awhile. Great opportunity for an awkward conversation to have.
  5. The pure joy and excitement and giddyness that Zihr showed when he realized it was a werewolf during the murder most fowl.
  6. Being in charge of the agis folks during the capturing the flag mods. Loved trying to keep the bad guy off y'all he was swinging for some surprisingly big numbers with more frequency than I thought he would so thanks for the commitment to getting the job done.
  7. Undead purifying mass graves mission. Greater undead commands undead to swarm guy with bear head on. As soon as the words are out of his mouth I fling my bear head off and the look of confusion. Then putting it on the greater undead baddy and realizing I'm probably going to need a bucket of purifies for that now. Or just hunt a new bear.
  8. Just coming back to the forward military camp after the fight with the Earl, and just contimplating why all my knights dissapear for long periods of time after squiring me. And now being in an odd limbo. Of not really knowing where I stand as a squire.
  9. Murder murder of most fowl.
  10. General feeling of Mayonnaise is still funny.
It was a great event and I'm so excited to see where plot takes this.


Good weekend, everyone! Thank you all!! Some of my favorites were . . .

Murder Most Foul ... no surprise here. I am *SO SO* glad I decided I had time to go on this mod, everything about it was right up Zihr's alley. Can't wait to find that werewolf pack and bring them to justice!

When someone asked Nox about his skull mug, he answered "It used to belong to a necromancer" and I reply "I think it still does" ... the look on your face was priceless, thanks for the laugh!!

Under The Sea mod ... the crab, the eel, and the fish had really fun mechanics, especially the Intoxicate Spell Strike.

Locking Bruisey and Kazla in the kitchen one after the other.

Being able to cook for everyone and seeing the reactions to the bbq sauce and potatoes especially were rewarding for me.

Saying "Matron Locke" three times in a mirror ... maybe twice and finding out I am not Ghostbusters material ;)

~Brad / Zihr
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Ryan S

Minnesota Staff
Hey everyone!

Thanks for another great event! I really enjoy running the game for all of you, and really look forward to the remainder of this year.

My favorites from the event were:

Seeing how excited/concerned/weirded out people got with the crazy doll Magic Item. Vaelin winning it, and strapping it to his back was definitely awesome.

The team that captured the ballista during the attack on the Earl's manor, and then trying to shoot through the doorway.

Getting lit up by three casters as they dumped their knockout spells into me. Taking a second pause to run through all my defensives before telling Zen that his Paralysis connected.

Reach weapon fighting with the people who attacked the boat. Getting indignant that they would get one or two swings in when I wasn't looking.

Hearing Beryl get upset when a monster incanted "I call upon the darkness between the stars" and him yelling back, "Thats my line!" Then Beryl getting possessed and performing the incant. I think Sid was enjoying that even if Beryl wasn't.

Helping new and returning players get set up in 2.0. There's a lot to think about, and chatting with people about their ideas for their builds was a lot of fun.

I look forward to seeing you all next month!

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
Getting lit up by three casters as they dumped their knockout spells into me. Taking a second pause to run through all my defensives before telling Zen that his Paralysis connected.
Lemme tell ya, the shift in your satisfied facial expression when I called 2 Counterspells to your double-tapped takedowns on me was priceless, Ryan.

"I no longer got this." :p

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
Good times to be had overall! Here are a few of my favorites, in no order:

- Aforementioned spell frenzy with Earl Harper!
- Actually getting to fight Eberrus this time!
- The entire Eberrus and Sir Daniels situation, especially with Fiona and Bruisey standing up to me! Y'all are just lucky I had forgotten my pop-up circle, 'cause otherwise, I totally would have dropped a CoP around Sir Daniels.
- Doing stuff with Edwina!
- Talks with Cass about the future!
- Seeker's Guild! The underwater adventure, the compass crevasse, and both of the hook NPC conversations were excellent!
- I always forget how hilarious Peter is as Innoxius, who is definitely not a necromancer at all.
- New/newer players! Y'all did a great job this game!
- This might be a weird favorite for someone on the PC side, but I'm really happy to see the new, nice weapons Adam made for NPC camp!
- Props to the props! I loved all the neat reps used throughout the event, like the underwater potion to the basin of goo to the runestones and more!

And more I'm certainly forgetting. See y'all soon enough!


Alliance Rules
Chicago Staff
Had a great time! Favorites include

-Making it my quest on the mod of a million shatters to require weapons for my allies
-I love this community and the collective decision to not bother with the raging Strike Gem and to just give it to Faraan. No sweat of our backs and it makes someones day better and that makes me happy
-Having about 3-4 NPCs CCed and controlling essentially a 30 ft square. "They dare not approach me!"
-Chatting with new players and helping them get into the game!
-Midnight puzzle mod! Super fun with good friends and good loot
Hearing Beryl get upset when a monster incanted "I call upon the darkness between the stars" and him yelling back, "Thats my line!" Then Beryl getting possessed and performing the incant. I think Sid was enjoying that even if Beryl wasn't.
-Last event I cast a ritual for another player and in casting that ritual I said "I call upon the darkness between the stars to..." Seeing it come back this game made me feel like extra planer creatures are stalking me or something. I loved every second of that mod from shouting "That's my line!" to making it rain evocation scrolls. I definitely enjoyed it!


Chicago Staff
Another good event, some favorites:

- Murder Most Fowl. Certain events lining up mixed with Zihrs eagerness for the outcome to be a werewolf lead to a lot of coincidental events that may have lead to Zihr being the true culprit the entire time.
- Ebberus RP and the resulting argument between GRONK/Fiona/Gandian. Threats were thrown and tempers high. If you didn't know they were friends out of game you'd think they truly hated each other.
- The Seven Eye Cabal mod was really fun for phase 1 and 2, a nice contained story within a mod.
- Cass welcomed into another family
- Seeing some old faces return after a year gone.

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
- Ebberus RP and the resulting argument between GRONK/Fiona/Gandian. Threats were thrown and tempers high. If you didn't know they were friends out of game you'd think they truly hated each other.
Oh definitely. For those who don't know, Carly/Kyle and I are totally pals, and you should come see the craft booth we're running together the entirety of next weekend. :p


Had so much fun this weekend (excluding that rude hill Saturday morning, that was a highlight unto itself)

-RP with Auryn and Cammy, and the daggers Mint was glaring at me every time I got close
-The boat mod and Beryl's reaction upon finding out I'd already started trickling flammable things all around the ship as well as everybody else doing fun little sabotage things
-Leading a small group to take the basement of the noble we were fighting. Will, you're such a good sport for putting up with us
-Roff, you're my favorite jerk
-Fighting undead
-Edwina coming to the rescue!
-Jamina getting to use her vengeance
-All the newbies! I love seeing so many new faces
-Zihr's attempt to say 'Matron Locke' into a mirror 3 times and stopping at 2
-Burning down the 'architectural abomination' manor
-My little mist bottle, that thing deserves it's own favorite


I had a lot of fun even though I was taking a more relaxed weekend.

-Number 1 favorite was casting my first ritual ever I was super nervous but it was a ton of fun.
-Close second was my 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th ritual!!

-Had a lot of fun getting a chance to talk to a few people I haven’t got to have a good talk with in a while even if I missed some adventuring doing so.

-Seven eyed cabal mod was a bunch of fun I really enjoyed the small group and got rouged hard for the first time ever not sure who snuck right passed and sleeped me but I diddent see you in game or even out if game what a great SNEAK! Can’t beleive I diddent get killing blowed or anything.

-Late night puzzle mod was a bunch of fun and I’m very happy with my new scroll.

-Getting to meet a lot of new people and see new adventures having a blast always makes my time 10x better so I hope to see everyone again and talk to a lot of those I haven’t got to talk to yet.

Can’t wait till next time
-Jonathan McNicholes

von Gryphon

Minnesota Staff
I had a great time bringing life to characters and setting up/participating in mods!

Dino Dekarr…. of the magic guild together with his apprentice teleporting 5 people plus 1 to his research chamber to solve the puzzle that took two hours - but oh so worth it!

The Salty Sailor...."You salty sailor!" and his interaction with a lot of people, flirting with the ladies and complaining about the Dwarven captain in the harbor to "Captain" Belle and friends.

Under the sea mod - playing the crab with a hard shell - wooo woooo woooo! crab scuttle

Zihr's reaction to the murder scene! (white sheets with bloody paw/claw prints)

Boat fight transition to the new Witch Crew being delivered to the Ship.
- me "Are you the new crew?"
- Glaive "Which crew?"
- me "Yes, Witch Crew."
- Zen "Yes that's us."

Zihr's Freedom Coalition dessert - awesome!

Rice table - yummie!

Gandian not wanting Sir Daniels to go into that circle. Pheona's reactions shortly thereafter.

and many more!