July Menu & Kitchen details


Hello friends :)

Here is a tentative menu for the coming gathering, as always subject to last minute changes. The menu will be completely pork free and artificial sweetener free.


Burritos - choice of cheese or turkey sausage
Hard boiled eggs


Sammiches - choice of turkey or PB&J (Creamy Peanut Butter because crunchy is the devil)
Assorted chips
Veggie tray & dip


Pulled beef sliders (BBQ sauce available)
Scalloped Potatoes
Coalition Dessert

My goal is to have everything "Heat & Eat" style - I'm spending Thursday & Friday day prepping and cooking everything so my kitchen time is minimal and I can enjoy the game with you all. My plan is paper plates and plastic silverware so as a group we're not spending an hour doing dishes afterwards.

THE KITCHEN WILL BE STRICTLY OFF LIMITS AND WARDED. Please do not ask to come in to do some quick dishes (if you brought your own plate / silverware / etc), or to refrigerate sodas, or what not. Exceptions will be made for medical reasons (insulin that has to be kept in the fridge, breast milk that has to be in the freezer, etc) and Auryn's Town Tea but beyond that the kitchen is OFF LIMITS. Please plan accordingly.

~Brad / Zihr


Will a wash bucket be provided so we can wash our cups?