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    All some people have to have some lets hear them :)
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    Hello everyone,

    my names Stacey and I played Nelwyn the dryad. It was wonderful to see so many new faces and characters! A little overwhelming in fact, I remember maybe three character names. I don't think I'm the only one in that boat luckily! So, forgive me if my favorites are vague because I can't remember character names (and have no clue on the spelling of those I do).

    ~Just going for it and trying out an accent and more than once having a person start speaking back to me in that accent. As Lorelai told me "It's infectious!"

    ~Chatting with Seth's Biata (Nezrek?) and Thrak about Dryad culture, and getting to tell them a bit about the race packet. Learning the corruption may be spreading. Getting invited twice to return to the canopy and trying to explain I just left, and would really rather not return right away.

    ~There was another dryad! Sorry, I forget your characters name but it was a lot of fun chatting and being annoyed at all the metal buttons that kept dropping!

    ~Playing a character that was far less inhibited than Keely ever was - getting to play around with Lorelai and say "Yes, let's go get a drink! I have no cares!"

    ~Infiltrating.. the library maybe? Sneaking past constructs and all of us working together to get through. Team work for the win! Then having a sneezy fit when we made it through because it was a dusty mess. Dan and Albert were hilarious with their various modes.

    ~Starting to get people to give me mnemonic devices so i'd remember their names. I can remember Oben because it's like Omen with a B. Nezrik and Nelwyn are the 2 N's so I think I can remember that. There's two Kai's! They're going to have to battle for their name.

    ~Meeting Ralph and him asking for reviews of his newspaper. Discovering my copy of the paper was the only one with a strange handwritten note in it?

    ~The saga of Octavius and the Black Dragon. The sprint to capture the stone elf and the gasses flying was impressive!

    ~Talking with Nezrek about how I would like to be resurrected if I ever did need to be. Weird to have to think about it as a brand new character but it stretched those creative muscles and really challenged me to throw myself into who I thought she was.

    ~Team save a sister! I walked around the corner Saturday night just in time to run into Ren's character from the evening before and got invited to help save her sister. The one gas I threw all event was effective! Kai and Sean's elf had that thing handled before the rest of us really had time to register what was going on I think.

    ~On that note, it was really fantastic how everyone was inviting everyone everywhere and making sure people got to take turns going places.

    ~Apparently having terrible timing when I tried to inform the magistrate of kidnapping beastmen on Saturday night? The sheriff and visiting person who was in support of the alliance with the beastmen certainly seemed distressed at least. I just wanted him to have all the facts!

    ~Many ogres! They have the BEST camp! Learning about the Ember yards was very neat too. I loved having a sense of wonder at exploring all the new worlds.

    ~Paranoid Vasha.

    ~Ulu was apparently enslaved! That was a fun plot twist on top of the reveal that our caligonaut was anything but in the last battle.

    ~Tif's stone elf helping me out with information and theories. Being horrified at the face stealing constructs.

    ~The celestial school battle. Sneaking some roguish hits in on occasion. All the quips from various constructs. Yay NPCs!

    ~"Be ready!" "Ready for what?" "We don't know, just be ready". All the fun that sprang from that.
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