June Event Favorites!

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
Even though I had to leave early (and right before a huge mod that was 100% Gandian-ideal… oh well), I had a good time at this event. NPCs, thank you so much for everything you did for us, and PCs, thank you so very much for everything you did with me. Here are some of my favorites, in no order:

  • All the complements I got regarding Gandian’s red and gold formal attire Friday night were great. I should wear that coat more often, it seems.
  • Getting to see Dave use my custom-made leather dragon mask for the new hatchling made me very pleased! I always feel really proud of myself when I see my reps get used at game.
  • Dragon birth RP, especially with Laura's role. Gandian has a hard time watching an ancient member of his race being obliterated into permanent death...
  • Fighting alongside Adam as an ally, rather than a foe for once, was super cool, and talking to Asura about ritual magic possibilities was fun RP.
  • Doin' stuff with Fern. For some reason, I like hanging around with that guy. ;)
  • The town-strike from the wave of goblins was super intense, and if I hadn’t been double-tapped with feeblemind gases right off the bat, I would have blown everything I had into Jane before he put down the Circle. Trying to backlash his ritual was fun, too.
  • Having the big strategy meeting with Sir Durthang, especially with the map of the Valley of Solace and whatnot. It was a great big of RP.
  • The female Cyclopean mod was great (thanks so much Ariana and Chloe!), especially with the big Chimera picture: “So wait, there isn’t a fire-breather monster here?” “You’d be surprised how dumb the males are.”
  • I had an awesome time NPCing as the Pantherghast. I always like to watch how different groups work together to take on a foe, and it was especially entertaining to see that magic sword get tossed around to everyone so folks could fight me more effectively. I hope the PCs had as much fun doing that as I did as an NPC!
  • Doing my Game of Chance auction was a blast, with people starting bidding wars over the various reps I had made. I might do it again, since people seemed to really want things like those belt clips and whatnot.
  • Gandian and Roy both got promotions in the Celestial Guild! Hurray!
  • Both of the big troll wave fights, Saturday morning and night, were really fun. I like throwing a Magic Storm every now and then. :thumbsup:
  • I was beyond happy that I got to cast the Vision to find where we can recover Baroness Grey, and I hope I put on a decent enough ritual for those of you watching. I absolutely love doing ritual casting, since I love to monologue, and if anyone needs any rituals cast, I am always up for doing it for you.

There's probably more, believe me. Once again, thank you everyone, and I look forward to next game!
* Meeting so many new people! It was such a blast to make new friends!
*Anthony... dkjfhgskdg. Favorite person ever. Katira's adoration of the boy is hilarious.
*Adam! Car-pooling now must be our thing. Most enjoyable conversations ever.
*Asura's silver comment. So very clever.
*Fighting tips from Anthony and Asher, thanks guys!
*Late night conversations with Adric, Mariah, David and others. We...get really weird. Ya know, Adric being petted by Mariah and Dave for longer than 10 minutes.
*"Are you sure it's okay? I mean, that wouldn't be weird..?" "No it's adorable. Go cuddle up to Gandian." -Mariah.
*Sleeping under the stairs only to wake up to the annoying sounds of adventurers going up to breakfast. Is it possible for you all to tip toe? Haha. :)
*Not realizing Dave was the dragon and being really freaked out until he realized I Didn't recognize him... and said something. And then Iwasn't so scared of the scary dragon anymore. :p
*Roy killing my imaginary unicorn. JERK. Bugging everyone while Katira had been fed halluci--- Ya know.. I can't spell that.
*Oh Johnathan (Spelling may be off) how you are my new foe. Grrrr. Katira has never been mean to anyone until she met you.
*Tim and I sitting next to each other OOG both of us being like, "I really hope you don't think Ihate you!!" And laughing and joking around. Then leaving and him being all, "Now who am I going to pick on?!" ... Glad I amuse you.
*Writing a letter to Anthony only to have someone be like.. "Are you sure he can read?!" Then being like.. "Oh..."
*The awkward moment when people actually realize how naive Katira is and try to give her the sex talk and Anthony being like... facepalm.

And there was so many notable things, and it sucks I had to leave so early again! Still have yet to attend a full event.


I got totally sunburned and my feet got soaked more than once, but I always have a great time at these games. Thank you NPC's; you guys work your butts off for us, and thank you staff; even if things aren't perfect you guys still do a great job in my book.
- All the new people! I get so busy in game that I don't get to spend as much time doing stuff with you guys as I would like but I know you guys are awesome. New people are what keep our game changing and growing. You know we like you guys, so keep coming back and invite all your friends too!
- Becoming a guildsman of the celestial guild! Finally! Congrats to Gandian too.
- Roy and Tal becoming siblings. I'm not quite sure how it happened but it's awesome
- Roy picking a fight with Jonathan.
- Rping with Shanthony and Katira while they were hallucinating. It's SO fun to mess with people.
- Watching the Dark Elf rp from outside the tavern. All the DE bashing that went on outside was entertaining. So racist (in game of course). And I totally thought one of the Dark Elves was Dure'dhel until he walked away. Seriously, he looked just like him!
- Watching Alexander roll up to me as his Pantherghast, and realizing I was gonna be fighting him alone. It was awesome while it lasted!
- The Darastrix's hatching was awesome and just a tad intimidating.
- Roy being his sneaky self in all the town mods. I just don't understand how I end up standing behind enemy lines so often and being perfectly fine.
- "Jonny Muffintop"
- Everybody being like "The moon thing!" and Roy saying "You mean Lumierre."
- Walking up to the Darastrix's bubble in the corrupt mod, holding the node shard out to the dragon for a good minute, then looking to my right and realizing I've been standing right next to the corrupt unicorn the entire time.

There's plenty more that I just can't remember right now that were just as good. I'm sure I'll remember them right as I post this


Seattle Staff
*Not realizing Dave was the dragon and being really freaked out until he realized I Didn't recognize him... and said something. And then Iwasn't so scared of the scary dragon anymore. :p
-Getting to be the big caster when Gandian left.
-Dropping a limited circle during the corrupt fight and having it used, a lot.
-Seeing all the new people. Do come back!
-The Elemental Mod, Bret, you do such an awesome job.
-The Fungus Dryads. So amazing.

The plot this event was a lot of fun. Just remember, you can only steal from the PCs so many times. LOL


Chicago Staff
Thanks Staff/NPCs!

- Rollin' with Kit/Foss as Asher after a 9 months. I always NPC against you guys, and was good to PC again.
- Deoman stepping it up during the Dragon name portion of Friday night. I think Thor/Foss/I looked at him with our jaws dropped after he recited the first 3 names instantly.
- Rainbow Cat/ Pink Bunny. I still don't know what happened IG/OOG but I like it.
- Being too trustworthy for the second market day in a row. I swear, once I cast the Bountiful Harvest there shouldn't be a single townsfolk who wants to rob me. At least I didn't eat anyone.
- Dagmara getting Spore-walking. As Fern stated, Dryads will soon take over the world.
- The new players. There were so many and I still couldn't meet everyone in person. Next time!
- Scorch, the Bear-kin in fights. We need to get you 2 things: Cho ko nu as a battle buddy, and a full suit of chain mail :D
- Gaining a new apprentice (Katira)
- Dure'hdel's twin showing up next to the matron. I thought that was Burke for sure until Brent spoke. The resemblance was uncanny.
- Team Stupid- Quite the effective bunch

- More as I think of them.
Hey guys! I was one of the newbies and I wanted to say that I had a great time. Thanks to everyone for being an awesome group of people and a bigger thanks to the NPCs for running such a great game on what seemed like such a small group of people. But anyway, here are some of my favorite moments.
-Friday night dragon mod, a very epic beginning to the event
-Food, Best breakfast i've had in ages! Dinner was also superb!
-Talking to Iganeous while the Dark Elves were in the tavern, it was fun to talk to a fellow dwarf :)
-Meeting so many new people, it's always great to find new friends :)
-Watching a feebleminded Gandian grinning stupidly as he passed by me :p
-Betting with Davion on the tournament, Go Fern and Iganeous!
-Drunken Gabriel
-The Sunhawk's Golem, was fun to tinker with, was funnier when the Cure Mort blew Gabriel's spell shield then the Dragon's Breath knocked him down :p
-Being part of a shield wall, its good to feel that even though I can't do much damage, I'm still useful :)
-Early morning farmer mod, helping the little girl was fun, silence/pin charades even more so :p
-Killing the bug-thing, meeting Fern was nice and it was slightly funnier when he berated everyone else for not stepping up to the front of the line :p
Shoutout to Alexander, thanks very much for getting me involved, I had a blast and look forward to being at more events in the future
Sincerly, Vaughn
-Being told I was awesome by Gandian as I was shouting orders to the town during the Friday night mod, and my confusion that followed.
-Johnathan having fun with paralysis Saturday night
-The picnic and watching Anthony stomach down the mud pie and mud ball in honor of respecting savage culture :funny:
-RP with the Alpha
-Walkie talkies!!! That was a cool effect to have, made battle leading much easier!
- Rainbow Cat and Pink Bunny! I must say both were very cute, but my vote goes to Rainbow Cat. ;)
-Tea tent! Such a great place for meetings and relaxation after a long hard fought battle.


So much love to the NPCs and staff. From what I heard, many of the muscle who pre-registered didn't make it. I appreciate all the effort logistics, the staff, and all the NPCs make for us to kill and get killed.

-Bonding with the Black Wolves. Everything from the shield York forged to the hallucination with Jon, forming the star and talking with the Baroness, it was all great.
-Wasting a cure critical and life spell after being knocked unconscious by kidnappers. Props to Ariana and her crew, your pleas felt genuine. :)
-I loved seeing all the new PCs! Hopefully you'll come around again so I can actually meet and adventure with you all.
-The slug mod. Getting squirt with water and slipping was SO much fun.
-The heart to heart with Talitha was intense and helped strengthen the bond Shanthony already has with the Wolves.
-Partnering up with Briar more and being taught how to parry.
-The picnic went better than I expected, I loved meeting Foss and exchanging stories, and yes the lengths Anthony goes to practice what he preaches. Quit making tasty out of game food into in game disgusting! ;)
-Drinking the 'water' and having the effected explained, "Intoxicate and a plus two trollbane for five days." "Five days of intoxicate?" "Oh no no no."
-Fredrick's circle in the corrupt mod. He saved our butts.
-Learning how to dodge a virtual throwing weapon storm.
-Teaching Katira critical attack and otherwise watching out for her, oh and the love note was cute too. :)
-Striking Christy as a troll, 'ow! That hurt!" "Oh... I'm sorry..."
-Matt's tea tent. It really is that good.


As a first timer, I cannot thank everyone enough for being patient with all of the newbies who were clueless and struggling. The support and help was absolutely fantastic, and easily the main reason I will come back. You all are such nice and wonderful people.

-The plot was beautifully written and extremely exciting! I was surprised and wasn't expecting so many interesting plots.
-Being welcomed in by Kendra and having to fight her was probably the most horrifying and intimidating event of the first night, but also wonderfully exhilarating!
-The corrupt battle was absolutely intense. Props to all those who were helping within the circle, I can't begin to count the amount of dead you had to try and revive.
-The wonderful picnic in the tea tent (as well as watching Anthony struggle to eat worms in the name of 'cultural acceptance').
-Being thrown into the plot as a newbie when the dragon marked me was horrifying, but I can't begin to tell how excited I was that I was beginning to play an integral role within the story.
-The dream mod at 3 in the morning with those in the tavern. Being turned into a horse-kin and seeing an npc slapped in the face with Enya's vine-y headband was too much for me to handle at that late hour.


Big thanks to the NPCs, plot team, and staff. You guys all did a great job this weekend. Major thanks to the kitchen staff as well; the food was great.

So many new people! They called for the newbie mod to start and half the town left!
Bendy posy with Jonathan. "So, I think we need to have a discussion about having your cake and eating it too."
Assisting with Anthony's thrown weapon lesson. Having some minor undead show up halfway through gave him some direct practice, which was nice.
Also, teaching Anthony Parry by throwing weapons at him. He just makes a good target. :p
Gorka's resurrection story/motivational speech made my weekend.
Davion's "diplomatic shortcomings" made for some good times. Seeing Gorka stand up to Sir Durthang was nice, and it meant I didn't have to do it.
The slug! Getting to cool off partway through the day with some super-soaker fun was great. I'm glad I was wearing my lighter costuming for that; I'm not sure I'd want to get my normal stuff that wet.
Hanging out with Fern and hearing repeatedly that he likes fighting with me. I'll definitely take that as a pretty big compliment.
The Corrupt fight was pretty cool - I got to blast some damage into the Unicorn and pull him away from someone else he was trying to beat up for a while. Style Master came in handy when Regan's shield got shattered; I just gave her mine and pulled out my second mace.

There's really too much to list here. Despite sunburn and a swarm of mosquitoes, I had a great time. It makes me sad that I won't be playing Briar again until October(!), but by then, he'll have a lot more toys to play with.
Holy cow. This event. So much extra rp that I didn't count on happened all the time.
-First off, let me apologize to all of the new players!!!! I love you, and am so happy to see new people showing up, but Jon is the worst person, and will be a jerk to you until he isn't. So... sorry. Especially Katira. :p Glad I could inspire you to be mean!
-Shanthony. And dream guiding him, and throwing things at him, and yelling at him, and protecting him from cynics, and teasing him at the picnic, and all of the everything.
-Also, the audible groan that went up when I showed up to crash the fancy picnic. Apparently I'm getting a reputation!
-Bendy posey with briar. Both ways. It was... hilarious. I couldn't keep a straight face during it.
-Vadis. You surprised me a couple times. Keeping my eye on you, in a good way. :)
-Roy/Jon fight. When it happens, it'll be awesome. This star is just... going to be the best thing.
-I love any mod that inspires ethical debate among adventurers, so watching the dragon Obliterate that elf was fun.
-Arsonists and Sheriff. Classic.
Thank you NPCs for making an incredible event, and thank you PCs for filling it out with such fantastic characters.


Wanna say thanks to everyone there this weekend. Especially the staff/NPCs. Great site you're getting together! I can't say thanks enough for the warm-cooked meals.

-Soaking a 50-massive slay with my level 1 fighter in the Saturday-afternoon troll cave raid. Overkill has reached a new level.

-The Panderghast fight was a blast. Thanks for being a punching bag for a half hour on your own Alex! That is just a really neat monster that I was not expecting.

-Watching the duels and realizing I know EXACTLY how to work the combat system was a great moment for me. Up until that point I was a little clumsy in combat, wasn't being relaxed. Seeing the one-on-one, point-per-hit made it click in my head. Vadis may try his hand at a duel or two next time they come up.

-Watching Scorch charge a were-crocodile three times in a row. At one body. With no armor. I admire the bear-kin's fervor but mate, I'm getting you in a suit of armor if I have to drop all my gold on sedatives to get you in it.

-Cheers to everyone who helped nearly drown me in cure light pots. I think newbies should be required to keep a tally of the pots they drink their first day for laughs. Keep a record of it.

-The meeting with the Cyclopi Stephan was sweet. I'd love to do more with them. Also the eye-makup for that is impressive. Props to who put that together.

-Drunken-troll-slaying-newbie-hour. I recognize why Plot decided to throw that in there, and appreciate it, but moreso pretending to be drunk (and if anyone thought I was obnoxious then, never let me get actually drunk with you.) is a ton of fun.

-First time seeing Kendra. Only thought in my head was "if I ever make that woman angry, I am going to die."

-Johnathan, thanks for taking a green-adventurer to teach despite misgivings.

-Matt, cheers for letting me help you with your armor, that stuff is amazing. Any time you need a hand with it let me know.

-Ryan, Thanks for finally dragging me along. You know how leery I was. Also the Favre-Cure-Critical was ace.

But either way. Cheers everyone. I, despite my misgivings, had a great time this weekend. And will be returning.


-Carrying the new barbarian to Kendra. 'I think I broke it, here ya go!'

-Gabriel and Deoman getting drunk together then then having to deal with everything that entailed

-The etiquette picnic. Poor Anthony having to eat worms

-As bad as it was in game, dealing with Aine's death. That RP was intense!

-Gabriel's speech to the sunhawks after he got rezzed

-Getting to fight with the other orcs in town against the pantherghast

-Roy trying to teach Keallit 5th circle and getting interrupted. Poor Roy has enough on his plate trying to teach his apprentice let alone teach her with an audience XD

-Getting to fight my favorite NPC's!

-Scorch getting trapped in the tent because there was no one there to recognize him out so he ended up eating his own ear for a snack

-Bendy Posey with Jonathan. Turning him into a tea pot and making him do jazz hands was one of the highlights of my saturday evening
Big thanks to all the NPC's and Marshalls who make these events fantastic! You folks do great work and we truly appreciate it!
Favorites in no particular order:
-Shanthonys spirit journey and the all of that RP, was just fantastic.
-Almost being late for going with to watch the dragon hatch because of the above.
-York not caring to be noticed by the Dark elves, he was unimpressed.
-Captain Grey-Shademarch being Yorks only reason for getting up in the morning.... but seriously he is always asleep when she comes to talk.
-Teaching people, don't get to do much of that as York, also getting to teach how to back attack on Gabriel was very pleasant for York.
-Wanting to go after Baroness Grey-Shademarch and being thwarted continously Your princess is in another castle style.
-Finally getting her back sunday morning and getting to carry her out followed by Yorks apology for being extremely late for their meeting. :funny:
-Sirius Star and Shadow Company, very excited to see where this leads.
-Johnny Muffin-top, 0 Normal, bendy posey. York just generally getting some payback on Johnathan.
-Gorkas rescue and Foss with the life spell. Thank you both so very very much!
-Saving Fern twice in one event, (Hit by the cave and life spell on sunday)
-Feeling big and effective even though York isn't that big and doesn't have a lot of fun skills.... yet. :twisted:
-Stealing people from Shanthonys picnic.

I'm sure there are many more but the list is already getting long! fantastic event and can't wait to see everyone again soon!
Johnny Muffin-Top!


Stana said:
*Not realizing Dave was the dragon and being really freaked out until he realized I Didn't recognize him... and said something. And then Iwasn't so scared of the scary dragon anymore. :p
You know there was a time PCs would tremble at my coming...no seriously...I swear....<sighs> That'll teach me to be personal, next event I'm going to stand by logistics and glower at everyone as they check in, that should get the fear back.


- Npcing again, It was rough to jump between heavy make up toons (maybe I should start a mwe) but fun to be a bad guy for a little while.
- The Dragon Hatchling Part A.) Costume, Loved the way it all came together, massive props to Amanda Feigenheimer from Chi-town and Significant props to Alexander (it was going to be massive, but you forgot my claws!)
- The Dragon Hatchling Part B.) Plot, Nice to see one of the longest running plot lines continue, that egg was first mentioned over 2 years ago, the card is fun to play, and I enjoyed watching the arguments his existence caused.
- Flame Fingers for Jehyu - Never have his nails looked so deadly.
- Resurrection antics, see what happens when you resurrect the bunny? It's bad luck!
- Shifting the Style of the Dragon for night two, it's always fun to see how reactions change when you approach things differently.
- "Adventurers versus corrupt" card game with Jamina, I need to ponder the rules some more.

Ah if only I could attend each event twice, once as a pc and once as an npc. Looking forward to next time, but for now I have to call a guy about mowing...


I know the event was quite a while ago, but I finally got a little time. Now to favorites:
- Throwing my shield away when it broke during the duel and it was still a close duel. (still a bit upset the shield broke)
- Convincing Shanthony to eat a "Mud Bar"
- Dodging multiple death and chaos spells
- And of course, wearing pink for the entire event
Well, since I'm not the only one posting late favorites, here are a few. :)

- Roy and Tal's transition from cousins to siblings
- Great RP with Shanthony on multiple occasions
- Roy coming to Tal's defense and the resulting tension between him and Jon
- Watching York, Jon, Anthony, and Roy walk away to talk with Lady Grey, and feeling a bit lost
- The dragon saying that the magic on my spirit suits me
- The Obliteration that happened Friday night, and Tal's reaction to it
- Popping my first Vengeance (although I'm glad I was Life'd afterward)
- The undead that wandered in while Jon was teaching Shanthony to throw weapons
- Going on a mod with only Roy and Gandian, and capturing the essence of elemental lightning
- Feigning death long enough to grab a potion out of Aine's (who was also dying) hand and feed it to Jonathan before actually getting beaten down
- Getting up to 58 seconds into my concentration count, and breaking it to run out into the fight again because Fern called for me
- Hayley telling me out-of-game how she thought Tal was intimidating
- Bones's "voice-mail" for Tal when Roy and I went to talk to him
- Tal's gift from Rudolpho
- The bear-kin, who had the stance/mannerisms and voice you'd think a bear-kin ought to have

Love you guys! (And thanks also to all those who came to my grad party this weekend! Good times.)