june event favorites


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Ladies and gentlemen..what an event! All the feels! Please post your favorites here. Tell us all about the bits and prices and interactions that made this event a blast.


Being an npc again. I think playing the drunks with three other npcs, than joined in by four PCs. Was my favorite time. We were so loud and toasted at least 20 times. And than wanting to crash the wedding but only to be tricked and end up seeing purple wombats.
Than being chased down and tortured for trying to kill a Baroness. So much fun.


NEPA Staff
First and foremost: thank you to the npcs, staff whom developed and ran the event.

there will be more but here's what i have for now in zero order
1. Jovunn, popping the question to her and all the rp after
2. how excited larien was
3. rping with vacht
4. QJW getting squires
5. the tons of little rp moments
6. Grilling Prolon
7. Rp with Irena
8. Rp with Vincent
9. more Jovunn
10. lots of other stuff


Highlights from the Darkside, in no order

1) Breakfast crew. Kudos to the early morning warriors. 3 Man breakfast team, with a major shout out to Avalon for all the prep-work.
2) Running my first module for Alliance. (yep)
3) The mad kidnap caper. That was not how the encounter was planned, but it was the objective. The fight moved and did not end with a pillow party on the objective but rather with a skillfull and well selected spell after a long fight and allot of panic. It was different, and that has to be a good thing.
4) Big brother. I did not know how much to drop on you at once. When you figured it out though I figured I had to confirm it.
5) The duel with Kris. It was an honor to be trusted with the role. It was an honor to be trusted with the scenario. It was a pleasure to be one third of the encounter with Kris and Emily. I had a blast with the occasional bard towards Tom because it is Joe and Tom finding excuses to trade barbs. "shut up and fight already!"....classic.
6.) Being in a camp full of people up for doing all kinds of stuff. Please everyone, if you cannot afford to play or you are not feeling the PC vibe, NPC, this hobby can't work without you!
7.) because it kind of was my highlight. Door fight 2 on 1 with Amaranthus and Baloch. Pure pleasure.

Joe Siegel
resident jerk


1. The sheer attention to detail Donna, Collin, and company gave my character's backstory - from getting to see her brother again (Dom, you were fantastic! Thank you!) to the beautiful narrative Donna gave me as I entered the hero's graveyard and Jovunn finally seeing colors.
2. Seeing Kantil one last time. Thank you, Dave, for some amazing, heartbreaking RP.
3. Big ups to Kyle Spriggle. I'm so glad I gave you that new acorn when I did! Grim's proposal, getting to wear my "man-getting" dress, getting married, and celebrating. My God, the celebrating. The unfortunate return of the Taintmoose, Irina's human imitations ("plow and plow and plow and plow"), and, of course...
4. ..."Sir Grim, I will not under any circumstances tattoo the image of a cat with a paintbrush taped to its tail on your ***."
5. Sparring with Alto. "Imladar was weak! The Thessi got the better of you! Their ships are better, their men are better, their tactics are better! They'll kill your women! They'll kill your children! They'll shame you before your precious Prince!" Thank you, Perkins, for getting so into that.
6. Sparring with... someone? And everyone just stops and points. Turning around to see Huleen after thinking for MONTHS Frank wasn't going to be able to make it.
7. Discussing with Ruis the ways in which the peerage needs to change. Realizing IG and OOG just how exclusory we can be with information that can really be critical to a character/player's understanding/enjoyment of the situation/game - and also feeling like I did nobility right. I took a lot away from that conversation IG and OOG and really appreciated the opportunity.
8. The final wave battle. Fighting Joe Siegel while Death herself was my backpack. A hard fight made harder by the weather. Joe, you were phenomenal in the role and I sincerely appreciate you busting your fighting and acting chops as Tolmie. Thank you for letting me tell you to shut the f- up and fight. Thank you for not making it easy.
9. The End. It's really hard to pretend you're dead when you're sobbing as you listen to all these characters tell stories about your own. I always hoped I'd manage to get across that at the end of the day, this character did everything out of love and gratitude to the people who made her what she was. I think I succeeded, and I am content to close out her story on that note.

Thanks guys. It's been an amazing four? five? years in Jovunn's shoes and I wouldn't trade them for anything. I'm looking forward to new characters and excited to see what this one's legacy will be. Thanks to PCs, NPCs, and the entire HQ staff. You guys are great and I appreciate your work.


NEPA Staff
That spell was clutch. When my little squad headed down the hill grim said exactly what he was gunna do.. Glad it worked.

Also the irony after the fact. Normally before a vansir wedding the bride is kidnapped by her family and thr groom must win her back. I don't think plot planned this but it was cool.


I dunno, they give me that card and said my objective was to get her and make off with her if I could....sounds like plot to me!
being a member of the 4 magic storm wall for the final wave battle.

hanging out with qjw and grim

trying to be recruited by blysdale
and helping them to organize thier rituals for casting a few items

helping to cast a stone golem

raven trying to convince people avalons an assassin.

getting tagged for a rescue mission.

breaking the sacrificial alter. and being yelled at that i was gonna be hunted down. i laughed thinking, well you'd have to get in line behind a ship full of pirates from caldaria.

subjugating joe the death elemental by the river and as it was being accepted, he was also being finished off.
" i got it, but im down."-joe
"gawww, you broke it!!"-me

seeing the ig wedding

qjw's being squired

i liked how everyone enjoyed my strawberry rhubarb crisp with fresh made whipped cream.

i had alot of fun at this event. i might even come back again ;)


Well, that was certainly a tear-jerker.

1. Barging in during the elemental rift and yelling at all of her 'misbehaving children.' "You're bad. You're naughty. I grant you the gift of life." -pause- "Ironic." Additionally, whoever yelled out "Let your lady through!" had better identify themselves because you gave Lady O SUCH delicious, narcissistic tingles.
2. Snarking at Izer while playing a Rossman. "Well hit her already!" Whomp whomp.
3. Silly OOG girltalk time with Samara and Danielle. Contemplating elementals and their (lack of) physical sex. Also deucing out.
4. The 15-67 foot tall LIZARDMAN! What a great guy. Wish Huleen had met him.
5. "Goodbye Jovunn." "Goodbye Lady O." Trying VERY hard not to get teary as Lady O.

I had a really wonderful time returning to the NPC side of things. Kinda miss seeing things behind the scene :) Thanks for making it such a well-run and fun event, everyone!
I would just like to take a moment to thank all the folks who took time out of their weekend to RP with the weirdo Horned Elf. Prolon isn't the easiest to get along with, especially when he has to constantly remind people that Death Elemental Overlords just put on attractive ladysuits to fool idiots.
What a great event. I really appreciate the hard work put in by the Plot team and the NPC's. Awesome job!

Here are some of my favorites:

* I loved that the event had some major encounters down by the stream and we even had a module that started across the steam and up the back hill (getting the supplies back to town while fending off Rossmen).
* Standing by Vincent on the hill during the above mentioned module as we tried to negotiate (or con) our way out of a sticky situation. (Vincent, I'm sorry about the time we flanked by the river and you rezzed...... :()
* Waylaying the enemy during the wave battles..... so much fun! (except when Simon and Henry were too aware of me and kept me from flanking..... great job, guys!)
* Red letting me tie my character history to hers (thanks, Angel!).
* The nighttime module down by the stream where we ambushed the traitor (I loved this mod).
* Teasing Grok about his short lifespan.
* Ivan becoming a Royal Paladin.
* Garathon becoming the Baron of Blythedale.
* Listening to the Rom make jokes about pretty much everything (Me standing next to Irina: "Um, I'm not a stalker.... I just like hearing you talk.")
* Laughing about Ket's accident with (supposedly) bird crap.
* Amaranthus' dinner (great as always).
* Negotiating with Vox.
* Luka giving me a card reading.

I know there's more, but I'm still recovering. Most importantly, thank you to the Plot team and NPCs for a really awesome event. I'm looking forward to the next one!

--- Eric Stehle / Leaf
The site was cool.

Food committee did an awesome job

Logistics was very quick and organized


What a freakin' great weekend put together by a great team. I was really happy and really proud to be a part of such a great event! I definitely loved playing my first ever major NPC. Sir Gabriel Kane was just up my alley, and I really enjoyed creating that appropriate sense of shadiness.

1. Seeing people slowly shut down communications with me as they caught on was awesome.
2. Keeping track of resources was hard, but most of you goons were chatty :p
4. That strawberry/rhubarb thing that was out Sunday morning! OMG that was killer
5. Speaking of food, I was so happy to be eating at Zat's table for salad. So good to have that bonus to my meal. I know Kay super appreciated that option too :)
6. Bill's cooking. OBVS.
7. I wasn't a big part of Jovun's death, but being around for it was really cool. I wish I had known her better.
8. Fighting you jerks. Jerks.


Favorites from the dark side in no particular order

- going out sat night as an assassin to kidnap PCs, ending up hiding in the bushes 3 feet from the Duke during the wedding getting a front row view and then later successfully kidnapping blythdale kid and pevril (sp?)
- thoroughly enjoyed taking pics of all you guys and all your battle faces
- the sigh of relief when the tentacle backpack stayed together and looked as menacing as it did
- Watching Raven teach Valim (sp?) Eviscerate
- playing water boy
- the best worst massage timing for izer ever
- npcing a death elemental is always a blast
- the final battle of jovunn and the eulogies to follow, it was impossible not to get caught up in the moment
- hitting lie with 20 elemental body which apparently turned into and eviscerate

can't wait till next month!
Hey guys! What an amazing weekend it was indeed!!!! I had a total blast and a half, and then some!
There's so much stuff that made the weekend an amazing experience, here's the list, and not in any specific order except for the first one.

-Right as the weekend started Vincent was both willingly, and told, that he needs a tarot card reading. The whole basis of the reading was simple.
"Vincent your emotions and feelings are stuck in a way that suits you, but this weekend you will be challenged in ways you've never been"
Vincent didn't care until it ALL CAME TRUE >.<

-Breaking down and tearing up once we got back to the town and learning of what had to be done to close the obelisk. (Damn feelz!!!!)

-EVERYTHING NPC's You guys rock out hard and it's impressive how active some of you guys are, Especially BIG shout out to Alex, and
all the new guy NPC's this weekend. Hope to see all you guys again!

-Prisoners! why do you need a prisoner everytime we get into a fight Vincent!?

-RP all around, too many names to mention. Grimm especially thought, were gonna have alot more fun with this season that's for sure.

-Realizing that in game, it's all a game. Just kneel and show the nobles the respect for the rank that they worked hard to earn.

-Being pissy because Grimm was right about me...(...only about some things though)

-MY FIRST REZZ EVER!!! Really got to give me a chance to express the vitality in Vincent.

-Everything with the teams, I love watching how each team works and functions off eachother, especially Bythedale!

-Garathon becoming Baron, And Ivan becoming a Royal Paladin!

-The ghosts RP, watching plot break characters (this scared me :p)

-Former No Code running a whole 2 person deep. Also getting asked over and over if I belonged to No Code. (answer is still Nope!)

-Dan and his rogue, assassin, front row seat to the wedding, that level of sneaky will be told for ages.

-Life elemental wave battle and my attempt to be just as sneaky as Dan, ALSO make up for the failed sneaky when I Rezz'd. And it worked! :D

-Learning that I count fast, (60 secs!......No dude...you're at 45)

-EVERYTHING Newt! "I am newt!"

-Seeing "Zat" again!

-Saturday night!, Kinda how it played out was, - I went on a thing, came back, had to do another thing, came back, and instantly left again for yet another thing.
That level of exhaustion was on a whole new level. Totally not complaining though! Love to be personally involved.

-The Drunk MOD, lets get as obnoxious as we can. Also!, almost getting recognized Sunday morning and having to lie through my teeth to an NPC

-Prolon pulling Vincent aside and telling him about Lady O. By the way, first time I ever stood at Parade Rest for someone :p

Can't wait for more and more Shenanigans with the rest of the reason. Thank you every single last one of the PCs and NPCs alike
Ya'll have been giving me an amazing first season back and I can't wait to see what the rest of the events this year have in store.
Hopefully will also be able to get some traveling in too!, Really want to make it to NJ and G-burg before the season is up.

And I forgot 1 thing for the list and I'm sorry about the caps lock -

I DIDNT BUST MY KNEE THIS TIME! No seriously the event actually helped it, It feels great!!! and I barely have to wear my brace unless I'm running or fighting.

Thank you Everyone
Jeremy Rogers
"Vincent Tarethial"


First off, Thank you NPC's.

Favorite in no particular order:

Larien's "I told them so" rant.

The town ritual to grant the ability for rift closing: Raise your hand and the casters will high five you to make sure you're targeted.

Speaking of fives. Later in the weekend Ulthoc raised his hand and I thought he wanted a five, when he in fact wanted me to stop talking. My daughters love of high fives is clearly spilling into my RP.

Grim, Jovunn, and QJW wanting to let them have their one night together.

Solstice Flowers for Larien.

Scaring of two NPC's during a fight by simply pointing at my aura fist and saying "death magic" and they went to the other side of the line.

QJW getting exasperated at the attacking Life Elementals. After attempting to negotiate and talk with them in any way and getting no where, resigning himself to having to send them home angry and tossing a Banish storm down their line.

Repel spamming vs Joe's super angry Life elemental. I tossed one and he said "resist"... then there was a 1 second pause where he sized me up and thought "I can take a scholar who tried to repel me" and I thought "I think I have enough repels for this". The answer was I DID have enough repels, but it was close. Using said Repel to keep Joe off the line while we fought the rank and file.

Parvival the determined student.

Izer and the whatever assassin. Our friendship must be stronger because I Prison hugged you for about 8 minutes. Then putting Izer in another Prison but being able to confine him fist so I could actually move around and plan our next move.

Convincing Amaranthus to have a Second Prize winner in his raffle. On the spot, because I wanted another shot at winning. And being 1 ticket off from getting said prize. Maybe next time.

Getting ready for the "lets be human Mod", Amaranthus is prepping us. While trying to figure out which resources people brought, Amar goes "won't need them. By the time the guards resurrect you'll be done" QJW immediately goes "by the time they resurrect? Is murder always the first plan?" Amar: "How else will you incapacitate them" QJW: with these ::Holds up hand overflowing with gas globes::.. Amar: "You can take them that way if you want." The almost sadness of Amaranthus when his favorite plan gets changed.

Barn clearing, on our way out taking not just the loots but the fancy coffee pot... and the goblets... And the books...

Talking to Avalon about Caldaria, and her current nemesis, and her reaction to him.

Grok. Keeping him up and healthy. Making sure he got rescued when he fell behind the lines.

Late night chats about Teachable Moments, and how to focus on the lesson not the mistake itself. Also chatting with Vox, and learning a bit more about him.

Getting Squired. Ulthoc letting me have it be the smaller ceremony I preferred. Looking forward to this next phase of my career.

Amaranthus seeming genuinely sad that he did not squire me, but QJW knowing that would never have worked out.

And many more!

Had a great time. I can't wait to see you guys again in September. Have a good summer!
I'm keeping it short because it's Wednesday and everything still hurts...

-Vitale the Life Elemental
-"I'm taking you to see my boss" - "Sure, there will be life spells."
-"Who among us will go to the Icon of Death and speak down to him?" - "I WILL!" and the rant that followed that made Balloch almost pee himself
-"I'll dress down next time Paladin"
-"I order you to enjoy your wedding."
-Balloch and Amaranthus back to back. Out of all the things I never thought would happen...
-Big nasty claw healer!
-Damn you hill.
-"Go get me another one Dan" - "Here's another one. I've got 3 lives left." - "NO. BAD. GO BACK TO CAMP."
-"You've been naughty and bad! Stop it at once!" - "NO MOM! WE'RE HAVING FUN!"
-"I've no problem sacking one of my own men for a ruse."
-Returning to a normal ogre only for my first new memory to be "RUN FROM THE ORC WITH THE STICK"
-"Yaya, we follow Tranquis. He had good plan. He dead now. Plan dead with him."

Thank you to all PCs and NPCs for making this event a blast!


This was yet another fantastic HQ event. Thank you to HQ staff and the NPCs!!

And a shout out as always to Luke for coming out with me, plus springing for a private room this time. That was the best!

Favorites in no particular order:
- My mum's spirit. Danielle did a FANTASTIC job. I totally setup Donna for that heartbreak, and it was wonderful RP. Alto has another mission now....
- The caring and compassion showed to Alto by the other PCs once the spirit left, and he was mopping for hours around the tavern. <3
- Sparring with Damn Jovunn. It was great RP, and honestly great practice. It gave me something to say at her funeral, though I bungled my words pretty badly.
- Meeting Zat. Alto is always suspicious of Biata now, but we hashed things out pretty quick. ".....you have how many vorp arrows? <3"
- Late night OOG talks with Grim, Donna, and Luke. Always fun.
- Cleaning up the tavern after the reception. Me and Luke had the silly of silly times then.
- War updates from Sir Landcharmer.
- Talking with Leaf during the drunk fest of humans. So much Imladari trash talking.
- Being amused at the new Baron trying to recruit me to his court.
- Life elementals attacking the tavern, then running to room. Throwing tags on weapons to attack the back lines, only for Joe to get bum rushed by four other people. Teamwork!
- First time ever sleeping in a Ward in game. I felt so safe compared to the tent.
- Scheming with everyone else to get Valim to go to Barran. (then he can play with my other PC!)
- Imladari Holiday!
- Swearing off getting intoxicated, again. Since I got caught unawares, and then watched someone dissipate because I wasn't "on duty". Harsh.
- Borrowing the ancient Imladari shield from Brightoak! Not super useful due to lack of undead, but Alto was very proud to carry it all weekend. (thanks Henry!)
- Watching the wedding completely ready for an attack to come. Had no clue that Dan the assassin was in the bushes apparently. /facepalm
- Beating on Clan Ross and others. The taunts were great.

Also a special thanks to Donna, Henry, and Danielle for helping out when our car broke down. <3!

Post game I got a missive and a surprise that blew my mind, but you all will have to wait and see on that one! ;D

See you all at the next event! <3