June Event Favourites!


Oh man, I don't even know where to begin with this. First of all, thank you NPCs! Thank you staff! You all rock!

- Finding out the answers to The Withering's riddles, and the horrible, horrible realization of what these answers mean.
- The sass and snark in the tavern at stupid o'clock when Thrak was trying to debate puriel and void stuff with Caillen.
Caillen: "Why. Why is this conversation happening. Why is this my life."
Sevaria: "Hey, you could have been talking to Void and The Withering for 500 years, so there's that."
Caillen: "At this point I'm weighing my options."
- Riddles with Dan!
- Getting rolled by a super-severed and then going on an awesome mod working as a team with the other folks in the lower-level character club. Everyone who went on that mod with me was a total rockstar, and now Caillen has a whole bunch of new friends!
- The Shard of Leadership! What this means for Caillen is very interesting, and I like it.
- Talkin' with creepy Woven (Horrors?) and being offered a very tempting, but likely poisoned deal.
- Dusting vampires with my ashwood stake. Like a champ.
- All the intense RP and emotions when Void began corrupting adventurers. From screaming at Thrak, begging Vry to fight Void, to throwing all of my purifies at Baron Galloway, and even talking issues out with Riddick, it was just full of emotions, and awesome to be part of. The fireworks going off during the fight made everything even more chaotic and frightening.
- Trying to help folks recover as best they can from being Void-possessed. Everyone involved with that RP was great!
- Samara and Bill arguing over the new name of First Sun/White Forest. Everything about those characters is great.
- Getting people filled in on world plot. Sharing info is fun!


New Hampshire Staff
Awesome event.

-Dryad plot. I love me some Dryad plot
-Getting to see some friends that I had not seen in a while.
-The absolute chaos that was going on during the Saturday post logistics wave battle. It was very disconcerting to walk back onto the field and find that half my team had gone evil.
-Getting to feel like a big boy adventurer. Every time I came into town until Saturday night some body different ran up and grabbed me for something.
-The grumpy bear mod. Fun times trying to parlay with a grumpy Sean, though a little disappointed he never yelled "Get off my lawn"
-Riddle mod with Dan. Getting completely stumped on that first riddle.
Ket: "The answer is 7."
Dan: "And that is the answer to the first riddle."
Me: "How did you figure that one out?"
Ket: "Oh, I guessed."


New Hampshire Staff
This was an amazing event. Thanks go out to everyone who helped write it and run it.

I was to give a huge welcome back to Wharz. He's been gone for about three years and he came back with authority. He pulled the pro skullaq player bit off perfectly. (I was just sad that I missed his panthergast.)

Props -

- Sean Metzler giving me a hilarious look when I swung two ice at his withering imbued, 50-body swinging, barbarian paladin. It was easily the best "Child, please." face I've ever gotten. Brilliant.
- The food. Good lord that Mac'n'cheese was amazing.
- NPC rock stars. You guys were troopers through the heat.

Slops -

- the heat - it got to me pretty hard by mid saturday. I slipped into old Riddick a bit mroe often then I would like. It did lead to some interesting RP with Thrak and Kaillen though. :shades:

Now my favorite moments in no particular order:

- Paolo - Still my favorite character in the Alliance. Maybe I'm biased because he's my brother and I know all the nuances in the persona. But man does he does some amazing stuff.

- The Phalanx - We had the biggest group we've had up in Deadlands for a while.... here's hoping we can keep that up. It was a lot of fun.

- Realizing that Morai and his crew follow my orders better than some of my teammates do. ( :whistle: ) Pointing at things only to watch them evaporate in a rain of arrows was thrilling. This could be the beginning of something fun.

- Paling around with the Hunt. Was great to play with you guys (as always).

- Scarn!

- Leaning into discomfort and walking into the celestial guild after Vry was reuinited with Puriel. This game is all about the little moments for me and for that 10 minutes I was fully immersed in a very real world. That moment held real power and I was glad to be a part of it.

- Bitchiko (tm) - Having her come back as an oni for the second part of the split wave battle was horrific. It has been a long time since I let the rage monster run rampant and healer Riddick definitely hulked out. I don't know if it was intentional, but the way the crowd parted as I walked back from deather the doppleganger into the ground was like something out of a cartoon... (Very fitting!)

I can't wait for the next chapter in this amazing story!
In no particular order

The NPCs were so numerous! You guys were amazing. That heat was oppressive and you pulled through like camels! (ie: carrying a heavy load with not alot of water in sight)

Hands down the RP for the weekend was amazing. Very rarely do my characters get to go on mods due to my inability to fight. But the RP mods with protectors was so cool.

Dryad plots!!! 4 Dryad PCs!


The battle in the Deadlands killing so many undead!

Final battle - Sevaria saving Tempesta with a parry and Caillen saving Tempesta with a cure light!

Crowe banishing the Void WOW SO COOL - Sean you are an amazing actor. I know alot of times you're just used for your ability to beat things up but man...when you turn on the acting it's amazing to watch!!

Osiris..always one of my favorite NPCs to see

Werewolf times...(even though Crowe doesn't approve)

Doctor Paolo

conversations with Warz, Kainen, Riddick
Tova Time

So many more I can't even remember right now but will post later!


That was my first event at the Deadlands, and I had a great time. Thank you so much for the effort of the staff, the hard work by the NPCs, and for the site owners....best tavern I've seen in my 24 years of larping.
Game cultures work their way top down, and Gary is as cool of an owner as I have met, and Meghan as GM....well, I think we all know it doesn't get any better.

Favorites: all the fights, I was way out of my league, but still had tons of fun. I hope you guys weren't pulling your punches on the new guys too much.

Sunday morning, the absurd "Deadlands in front of the Tavern" unending waves if undead was awesome.

Being new in a chapter, it was great to be involved in so much action. We have one teammate who knew what was going on, but everyone else made us feel very welcome, and I for one can't wait to make it back.

Great Chapter, can't wait to come back and get more involved.

Aw, shucks...

Thanks, Liam. Your crew is the type of team we like to see most at our chapter. You know your stuff, while also being open-minded and approachable. We really hope to see you all again.
Thank you NPCs! Despite the heat you guys were amazing and I offer you sincere thanks for making the weekend that much more enjoyable.

Thank you PCs! A lone MWE walked into the Deadlands and I felt welcome in and out of game and it was awesome.

I had an amazing time. Rarely do I play pure casters and even when I had almost nothing left, I still felt pretty useful. Gotta love me some magic storms.

Had some great RP with all of the people I met. "These are the Deadlands. It's my home and it sucks." Sounds like a perfect place for Rex!

Lowbie mod! The faces on everyone on that mod when I went into Saruasxer mode was priceless. Survival of the fittest!

Being Chaos marked and all of the RP that came with it. Even though I sweated it off pretty quickly.

Being very afraid of a vampire and less afraid of the Void sword. Lesson learned.

Da bear. All of da bear. "I don't not wanna fight"

The Doctor's rez story. Thanks for that. Unknowingly, you saved Rex from losing it.

Amaranthus totally losing it and my only plan was to either Death him or Tackle him and try to break command. Thankfully Angrag stepped in and did what he does.

I can't wait to come back. For the whole event this time!

Special props to the staff. You guys put on an amazing game and I'm glad I came down to check it out.


New Hampshire Staff
Kantil said:
I had an amazing time. Rarely do I play pure casters and even when I had almost nothing left, I still felt pretty useful. Gotta love me some magic storms.

You're welcome. :thumbsup:


New Hampshire Staff
First, thanks everybody involved! It was a great weekend. So much fun.

- The low-level mod. Its plot was engaging and spawned some very cool conversation. Also it was fun to swing pipe against level-scaled opponents.

- Seeing the Woven and eavesdropping/investigating as much information about them as possible. So many feels even from way off in the sidelines.

- Being advised to keep my shield up... again, and again, and then some more because I am a slow learner on this matter. Seriously, thanks for taking the time to teach "that guy" to not die all the time, Gebous.

- Discussing with Tova, loudly and with a peanut gallery, that I'd rather not be resurrected with a story about Vansir sex, but kittens would be a fine subject.

- The motivational kick in the *** to go do something other than hold up the tavern wall. It dampened my noob nervousness enough for me to go out and find that nobody was exaggerating when they said there are things to do for everyone if you're willing to look for them.

- I got chills during Paladin Crowe's speech at the very end, and that fight and plot were easy to get immersed in. The Deadlands are home; there are many much nicer but this one is ours and it is worth every effort made to restore it.