June Event Favourites!


I was only there for half the event but it was a great one! A few quick favorites, because I always forget something. Thank you PC’s and NPC’s for a great time!

~I walk into town and am immediately told be several emotions that Anaxion is going to take over, everyone’s going to die and it’s all my fault, I could have stopped Thauphideons death if I’d really tried, and I should know my place. Huh, OK, this is going to be a time.

~Singing in the tavern with Tova, Kiba, Trunkan, Tempesta, and several other people at dinner.

~Trying to convince everyone they should watch the musical about “The Slayer” at the Authenrai theater after I sang a few versus of various songs with Kiba from Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s “Once More with Feeling”.

~Dourn got squired!

~Trying to be strong when my heart was breaking about Tova’s choices.

~Trying to help various people with the worm inside their head. Holy cow, I wanted to just hold everyone in my arms this weekend and make all the hurt go away. I assisted Kiba, Phedre, and Aisling and my heart broke each time. I don’t know how private people want to keep stuff so I won’t go into details, but they were all amazing.

~Hearing Tobias really did do the southern drawl when he gave Tal my present “care ah Deputy Keely”.

~Tough, but I think respectful even though I was seething with anger, talks about Anaxion and choices. Knowing I love my town and the people in it even if I hate the situation.

~Having several people grab me to let me know that Magistrate Rookwall was a Gryphon and had I known that? No, no I didn't.

~Joking with Chithis about Fondue, and then bringing it up in his head and various other Chithis’s getting excited about fondue, which became a Chithis meal break?

~One eye, two tentacles, can’t lose!

~Getting caught off guard when Chithis told me he was coming back in a month to start brainstorming on stopping Anaxion.

Me with surprised face “Thank you!”

Chithis “That’s what friends are for”

That was a really great way to end that weekend.


See, I already remembered another.

Not being quite specific enough with The Bookworm and catching Haran Sevaran off guard as he rifted Ona and I into his bedchamber mid evening snack.


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I have many, but I just want to chime in for Stacey: our conversation at the end of the weekend and the look on Keely's face going from confused to a really stern mom face.
Between you and Phedre, I was loving it so much.
So many amazing moments.

Dorgun's brain slug mod. Really enjoyed the roleplay. Barbar tough choices time.

After dinner in the tavern singing with Keely , Kiba, Trunkin, and Tempesta. Remembering old friends and happier times.

Nerium's brain slug MOD aka Tova attempts therapy and fails.

One eye , two tentacles, can't lose!
And getting the magic item at the end of the event lol.

All the moments with Tempesta.

Keely trying to convince Tova to not become an anchor and holding back all of the emotion. It was so heavy and intense.

Talking Dourn out of becoming an anchor to take his place. Telling him it was her chance to finally make a good decision and Paladar was better off without her as a Mother. Holy emotions .

Role play with Rienhart. He will raise a horn for her in the great hall.

The ritual with the Sphinx to become an anchor. Amazing RP thank you Samara and Ren.

Beginning to say goodbye to Tova. It's been a wild 17 year ride. She has grown up and I have through playing her. It seems surreal that it will be over in October. It's her time. I am grateful that she gets to do what she always wanted to do . Make a difference. Thank you Deadlands Staff for helping me end her story.

I'm sure there is more I'm forgetting but that's all for now.


Thank you NPC's, staff and PCs. I had a good weekend, and despite planning on only playing Friday and Saturday, ended up playing Sunday as well because of the plot and consequences.

Getting Squired! Having my family there to see it happen, and then teasing me about it afterward. Most of them think I am crazy or have a death wish.

Getting dropped, captured and escaping. Man, that was a nasty fight. Kicking myself for not having us all bail once it became clear it was an ambush. No one died! What a relief.

Okay, so you are kept unconscious, both limbs stunned and you hear voices approaching the door ( OOG- Does that rift effect still work? Brian-Uhm. yes. Me-Cool!) I debated for a split second on trying to gather information. Nope. I'm Out. Sean nearly prevented it. A split second sooner, and nasty things were going to happen to Duorn. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when they told their boss :)

Did they actually send a ransom note? hehe, If there is a physical note. I need to frame that!

Hearing that Alouise witnessed the discussion and got away without being seen. Man, that was fun to hear about.

feeling effective throwing wand blasts and spells over the front lines shoulders.

Duorn had made up his mind to sacrifice himself, and it fit with his values and made sense. Telling Phedre and later Tova that he had lived through that loss before and come through it. Tova convincing Duorn that he had more to do and that this was what she truly wanted. Yep, Duorn broke.

The RP and discussions about alliances, enemies, and maneuvering. Most everyone is thinking the same thing, just from different avenues.

The intense and very intimate nature of the brain worm removal mods. I am kinda glad I only went on one.

Getting to see what is (I hope) likely the end of the Devourers. Duorn has had an intense hatred of those things since his early days.


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Land bonding alongside Tova. The longer I think about it, the more I feel that I got to live the LARP dream, to see my character do what she was designed for though I never guessed what that would look like. The conversation with the Sphinx was intense and emotional. It was heartbreaking to hear why Tova did it. It was amazing to confront and embrace the promise that was being made. Challenge accepted.

Chithis, overall, as a fascinating creature with an arc from antagonist to I guess it's complicated to ally (?!). Watching a cosmically powerful toddler learn things. Casually asking a cosmically powerful being about how one might expect immortality to work and ending up laughing about it.

Brain worm mod. I had been super stressed about what a confronting fear mod would look like in the mind of a character with such extreme emotions. I thought it would be embarrassing and a puddle of bad bleed. So special thanks to Samara and Evan for discussing adult fears and how to make fear of inadequacy: the mod a positive gaming experience. Those were valuable conversations.

I had a good laugh about House Laelianus having Keystone Cops moments despite having kicked our asses. Aloise walks in the door, what, thank goodness but how?! Oh. Wow. Surely they'll never make the mistake they did with Duorn again and we'll be super sorry we failed, but that was funny.

I'm super excited to seeing you all in July to feel more feelings :)