June Faves

NPCs.... you just never EVER fail to amaze me. Especially in the heat. You just keep going like Energizer bunnies!!

Almost running over Dan as we were pulling out - SORRY DAN!!

Conversations with Keely about the Wyrm.

Plotting murder most foul.

Ulak Kashana - Poor Kashana HEHEHEH

Making a ton of gold on alchemy - thank you Heresy

Liar's Dice

New t-shirts so cool

Waking up in the circle. "You were surrounded by thousands of kobolds. I saved you. You're welcome."

Kaneyo (not sure how to spell that) "It's....Not....a dragon....NOT A DRAGON"

Paladar's Passion - I'll be bringing more of that

Midnight fruit snack and drinks. SO fun. PS one of my new favorite NPC characters is Sideways.

I have been enjoying the game so much lately! The new story lines, etc. I actually feel engaged and that I'm in on a story line and I haven't felt that way since the Malachide. So much good stuff guys. Keep up the awesomeness!

But the ULTIMATE most AWESOME thing this weekend was the scene between Chithiss and the Orc he undeaded. I was blown away watching that!!! I felt so bad for the orc. I wanted to stop it. I wanted to do SOMETHING. And the scene where Chithiss picked him up and slammed him onto the ground WHOAH!! You guys ROCKED!!!! I was just blown away by the scene IG and then blown away by the acting OOG!! Intense!


Awesome weekend everyone.....story lines are great .....npc doing a awesome job as always.....seeing the tavern coming alive like the old time.....with food, drink, stories, and so much more ......some of the greatest RP I have seen or been apart of, Merchants of the Guard doing their part ......Thank you everyone for a great time.........and every thing Jenna already said

Flyaway Bird

But the ULTIMATE most AWESOME thing this weekend was the scene between Chithiss and the Orc he undeaded. I was blown away watching that!!! I felt so bad for the orc. I wanted to stop it. I wanted to do SOMETHING. And the scene where Chithiss picked him up and slammed him onto the ground WHOAH!! You guys ROCKED!!!! I was just blown away by the scene IG and then blown away by the acting OOG!! Intense!

You mean Targ the 3000-year-old Vansir? ;)


I don't really have a huge list this go around... it was all pretty stellar. (Though Anja is sorry she was a cranky pants all weekend.)

-The NPC's were amazing. As always. Getting to know the settlers in Moonsong is really a cool thing. As was getting to see a different side of an NPC.

-The RP, in general, was stellar. I got to know so much about so many things and so many people by word of mouth. Especially Saturday, just sitting outside in the shade talking and laughing and realizing I passed an hour or so so effortlessly I forgot I was playing a game.

-The fact that Vry and Anja cannot have a conversation for 10 minutes without something absolutely HORRIBLE happening.

-Just so's we're all clear... Ulak Kashaan


Wishing we could have stayed the whole weekend, but we definitely had a blast. It was great meeting some of you for the first time and it was awesome seeing people I don't normally get to see.

Loved the idea of a golem farmer. "What do you mean, you decided as a formalist to go into farming?!" Made me realize that not everyone is cut out to be a crazy adventurer. Some of us just wanna settle down and help people more or less peacefully (except when you frack up and lose control of your workforce).

Enjoyed the hell out of role playing as vampire chow. I admit fully I know very little about the world but I had a lot of fun taking and running with the role!

I can't wait until we get the chance to get out there again :)
I think I got confused...maybe there was a story about an orc?? I was so caught up in the scene. Sorry 'bout that.


First things first, Ulak Kashaan.

I think Plot really rocked this one! I loved the entire pacing of the weekend and the build-up of Targ from summoning, through the spirit-scene of being turned into the Agony Golem into the mini-puzzle Agony Golem encounter.

Of course the NPC's rocked it. I was terrified in a good way coming into the weekend with such an intimidating group of NPC's! Good job all!

And in general, I loved being able to rp and interact with everyone. It was definitely a learning event for Curtis in many many ways. The development of Moonsong has given him a reason to care about a Place for the first time in a long, long while.

Thanks again all! I think I might be hooked.


I would have to say, this weekend was amazing. I have not had that much fun in a long time. Thank you Anja for arrows and getting me out of my RL shell to actually play my music in the tavern. Thank you Tzydl for being my death buddy. (15 Fricken seconds left). I would also like to thank everyone. You welcomed me with open arms and subtly helped me when I screwed up story wise. Plot, NPC's PC's you were all amazing.


New Hampshire Staff
This event was super engaging and a delightful combination of heartwarming and heartbreaking. Look at Moonsong, it's great and full of puppies! And the big nasty guy is kicking the puppies. We need to kick that guy. And about that Ulak Kashaan problem, hey guys, look at this enemy of your enemy, you know you want to be friends!
  • I love tavern RP. I wanted Taco Bell for dinner, but I wanted to stay and RP more.
  • The alchemical ingredients mod. Everything about that made me happy. I love that the townspeople of Moonsong are around and the adventurers get to interact with them. It was really cool to see an IBGA come to life. I had a lot of in game feelings when I realized that going flower picking past sundown seemed like a great idea to me and bat guano crazy to the majority of town. Ending up with a mod group that included both the lowest and highest level PCs on site at the time. Ending up with a mod group that was readily accepting of the idea that we should leave the territorial animals alone ASAP so they'd stop being a problem. And the hilarity that ensued from Hallucinate was a nice added bonus. “...death knights.” “Death knights?” *Curtis walks back toward the area like “death knights” means “delicious cake”* No, when you hear death knights, you go the opposite direction.

  • The Teshvan merchants and sailors who had been living as vampire snacks. Hearing divided opinions on whether these people were contemptable for cooperating with undead, or desperate and pitiable, or somewhere in between.

  • The interactions between Chithis and Targ. Actually feeling sorry for an undead creature, because he clearly didn't want to work for Chithis, he appeared to have halfheartedly carried out orders because he had to do it but didn't have to do a good job, and he counts as a person enough to not be okay with him being enslaved. Chithis delivers the best Bad Guy Monologues and has proven that he can afford to do it, and now we've been shown very thoroughly why he spends his time and breath on telling people his plans. He's a horrible villain who inspires just enough sympathy to be believable and real. And best of all, having people from Moonsong come in wanting to know what the hell just happened and what they saw, and having the sinking feeling that there was no such thing as a good answer to that question.

  • How dramatically the final fight demonstrated that just because adventurers mostly only see the stuff in their immediate area, there is an entire continent around them, there are a lot of lives at stake, and the actions of the few affect the many who tend not to get a vote. It kicked my feelings so hard I was extremely grateful that I was playing a PC who cries, because stoicism would have taken an absurd amount of effort. For me the breaking point was fighting Evan 1 v 1 for a moment, drawing the conclusion that he was a person being tortured so badly he wanted to die to make it stop, trapped in a construct that would kill us if we didn't destroy it, and that destroying it would be this person's probably permanent death... Right in the feelings. And gathering that Targ was less of a miserable fight when at least one PC took the Agony effect because then it appeared Targ felt less of it, well, there's that ability to feel sorry for undead again.

  • And to end on a lighter note, Heresy's logic about the benefits of riding out 10 minutes of Agony. “When you give birth, it'll be like nothing. You'll just do it in your sleep.”
Thank you NPCs for running around in the heat getting beat up! Thank you Dan for calling no armor days; I enjoyed not dying. Hope to stab some of you again soon!