June Fave's

Favs from the HoP

- JP to me playing Sir Jonothan: When they rift in fall backwards from a psychic Psychic blast.
Me: Cool got it

Rift in 1, rift in 2 rift in

Argh! Throws self backwards...oog ow (no seriously, despite the fact I pulled a muscle it's a favorite

- listening to the stories of Corrheim for the first test. So much passion in the Vanguard.

-Sailor Scouts, these kids will be the next force to be reckoned with in the near future, they are amazing improve RPers.

- Chulainn: I made you cry. I was able to give you the moment you wanted to be feel connected to the Vanguard still, and then I gave you the moment where you had to pass on your guardianship to another.

- My damn plot team! I have been having anxiety attacks and bouts of imposter syndrome since I took on the role of HoP but after this event and you guys backing me, and JP especially making me realize I just need to get out of my own way, that I actually felt like yeah I can do this.

-having Jeremy back, my #1 whirling Tasmanian Devil. Setting him loose in creating a trap mod that rocked, but 1 thing, stop kicking things so hard!

-Angel Belford for 2 things. 1 subtle support, people tell me I have a very quiet subtle way of support that is very reassuring and strong, I think you do the same thing for me. 2 damn you went OCD on that closet.

- The Swingers, you are the next heroes I plan on watching grow!

-Pulling out the Undoer from Ashbury history and watching the reactions. Thaydin crapping his pants when he appeared right next to him, seeing everyone break out books and then asking LoJo about his knowledge what exactly he was, except Grimm, my bad dog.

-all of you coming to play under my term of HoP, you all rock.


Starting off strong with best Grim moments:
-The one-liner about prostitutes getting paid in tips had me in stitches then and periodically on the drive home.
-I still don't know if the Hobling anatomy lesson was factual but I absolutely hope not.
-"Goblin butt-wiper" was added to my larp lexicon.

Sometimes the time flux gives you temporal beasts, sometimes it gives watermelons. I will roll those dice every time.
Longo is officially the Swinger's card shark.
The food service did it again, 10/10 beef stew and breakfasts and good conversations over a sink full of dishes. I could hang up my adventuring boots for a life as Corrheim's debonair dishwasher.
Bobby never failed to have a funny, creative description of how his monster just died and the awful things you find if he was searched with an empty pouch.
The plane of games is up there with the most creative and fun mods I've seen and the phat stack of challenge cards gave me an idea of how much work the designers put in. The fay's Vana White style assistant was just as scary. Daxos was not 100% sure the clearly malevolent fay wouldn't just decide to change the rules and kill everyone for a laugh, glad we got off light with some answers.
Made a new friend, the coolest hyEEEeeeEna-kin around. We were just missing fajita jimmy.
Always kept a shatter strike handy for when Jeremy comes around to yeet the PC's with his twin-sticks.
The Undoer's phys-reps and costumes were nightmare fuel.
Thanks Kett for showing me the elven ropes and how an Amani do, let's make up liar's dice rules again sometime.
Mori can quit her dayjob and begin her tattoo artist career, Daxos can provide a recommendation.
Cullen was instrumental during the wave battles, hearing him roar "shield wall" brings order and discipline back to the fight.
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I never remember to do this before my brain wipes, so I'm going to try now.

Old faces and friends. It was great to interact with characters that Cyno hasn't gotten to see in ages.
Late night chat with Alda. Really missed both you and Ket.
Chulainn interactions were fantastic, both serious and light-hearted. Thanks for offering to cast the ritual for me. Cyno will let him know how that goes if he hasn't completely imploded by the end of next event. I'm glad you got to have a little bit of closure with Icenia.
Last couple of moments before the NPC archaeologist dwarf (Weaver was it?) became the Undoer. They were the moments where Cyno started to put together something wasn't quite right (as if opening the stupid place wasn't hint enough) and were great. Damned archaeologists. It turned out fine in the end (I guess?)
The Swingers are always fun to interact with and watch develop. Chatting on the way to the troll cave mod with you guys, Sprout, and Chulainn was delicious... I mean fun.
Getting over to the shadow creature as it was cut open only to watch Boli dissolve into goop as we lifed him as a reaction. Oops. That was simultaneously awful and great. (In and out of game respectively)
NPCs were all great. Good to have you guys beating us.
Information and utter awfulness overload. Cyno's kind of short-circuited from everything that's happening at the moment.
Time nonsense. Cyno was starting to freak out seeing how other individuals were being altered by time fluctuations and did not want to find out what would happen if it started affecting him seeing as he's already a time anomaly. Keep your time strands closer.
Ritual time! Two Visions cast successfully and both extremely important. The one reveal was completely awful but important to know. The other reveal actually saved Linnaeus. I'll take it as a win-win. Sorry it took so long for me to get around to the ritual to get in contact with you Tempest, but at least it saved a ritual scroll and comps when you showed up on your own!
Finally, thank you to everyone who was willing to listen to Cyno blather on about his personal history and issues in order to get some insight and advice. He's been working on this crap for almost 8 years and only just now reaching out to a larger amount of people for help/insight. I think he's either grown as a character to the point where he knows it isn't a burden to ask others for personal help or is just so overwhelmed with all of this crazy nonsense that he's stopped caring so much. Probably both.

Simultaneously super hyped and morbidly terrified for what awaits Cyno in the Ash Forest in August. I know it's going be a significant event for him. Send help.
Hope to see you guys then!
So many favorites and call backs from this event...

Overall, so many plot lines meshing together and having groups of people convene in the tavern to share information and unravel the mysteries of what's going on was a great experience.

Diving deep into old Ashbury lore...and having absolutely no clue what things were, but then the older adventurers are pooping themselves over it.


The Lizard with 9 lives

Everything related to the swan song for Corrheim and the Vanguard, as well as Grumbles the Watchstone. The Land has been reclaimed for the people once more! Seeing all the colors on the battlefield was a great thing.

The NPC's killed it this event, even though it was super hot and we were using the new ruleset.

Ritual time and discussions with Cyno, games and gambling with the Swingers, the emotions it was a smaller event which actually lent itself well to having some deep interactions with others.



I shouldn’t have let this sit so long because my brain is already leaking out of my ears. Why do y’all think I keep notes??

1) SWINGERS. WE LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVED. May Dickhat Vampire guide and protect us.

2) Fey mod!! Much love to Jeremy and the team coming up with the perfect silly and deadly game. It even had rewards, which was a bonus imo

3) Falling asleep before learning I disturbed an ancient evil. While Mori was surprised and guilty, Kate thought it was pretty on brand for herself.

4) boy howdy am I glad the tenderizer was weak to arrows

5) Cynooooo it was good to see you again! Mori’s looking to aid you in any way she can for these upcoming trials.

6) Blackbourne. Prepare your butts. Sir Grim Anvilstrike makes fun of no children of Camulous.

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