June Gather for Duchy of Acarthia to be held in Darbyton, Ungsteen, Lomeeria, Acarthia


Denver Staff
Her Grace, Duchess Ilianna Tiberion, respectfully requests aid and assistance be granted to Duke Cynfreid Tasis of Lomeeria, beginning 21 June, 419. His Grace will meet with those coming from the Duchy of Acarthia at 9 bells in the evening on 21 June in the Fainting Goat Tavern of Darbyton, in the Barony of Ungsteen. The tavern is described as having a circular main area with a tall conical roof.
Duchess Tiberion makes this request on behalf of Duke Tasis, who is in need of assistance in building peaceful relations with the Free People of Yalinth. These negotiations are scheduled to take place on 22 June, 419. Her Grace was honored by this request, but is unable to be present in Ungsteen at that time. Her Grace asks the nobilty normally attending Gathers in New Acarthia to proceed to Darbyton in her stead.
To accommodate the visitors, Duke Tasis has agreed to host the Ducal Gather normally held in New Acarthia in Darbyton, and is eager to meet the adventurers of Acarthia whose bravery is renowned.

Jesse Grabowski

Chief Executive Officer
Denver Staff
Indeed I am!

To add, Darbyton doesn't have all of the bells and whistles that the populace of New Acarthia does. To that end, we have a small healers guild, who will be holding a meeting within the tavern there near the rear of the main room at 11 bells.
In addition, we don't have a mages guild like you do, but we do have a circle where identifications can be done. It is located at my private residence there, and you can speak with Tobias, the Wizard of the People. I told him that all identifies will be free of charge this gathering while we figure this all out.
(OOG- come to NPC camp and see Jesse for your tags!)

Duke Cynfried Tasis