June/July 2017 Favorite Moments


Hey Everyone!

Thank you for the amazing experience at the Stradyn Campaign Opener!!!

This thread is for you to share with us some of your favorite moments! What are your favorite moments with other players? Tell us your stories! What did you like? What did you love? What do you want to do more of?

Tell us what makes your event rockin', and we'll keep trying to churn out that sort of content!

The official feedback form will be posted shortly. And as always, if you would like to deliver feedback to myself (General Manager/Owner/Plot Member), Tony Mungo (Head of Plot/Player Rep), or Lauren Hagen (Player Rep) you may reach out to us directly.

Thank you!

Emily Mungo


Oh man.

1) I was taken aback by the sheer amount of new players that we had, plus some returning ones. That was amazing. Every single one was awesome to meet, and I know they'll bring a lot of energy and fun to the game for ages to come.

2) Officially semi-formalizing a cousin-adjacent role in the Order of the Silver Wolves. Playing with these people for the last many months has been awesome, and deepening that relationship meant a lot to Zeth and has truly enriched my experience.

3) The undead wave battles were fun, and more importantly, provided good encounters for folks of every level. Players on both sides did great work making sure that everyone had a good time.

4) After literal months of buildup for, at the very least, Eldor and Zeth, and possibly Sprig, an extremely meaningful, open, and productive conversation was had. Conversations that help change everyone involved. What will come from it might be unclear, but I am truly glad that we had it. Also, being able to see a sides of Sprig and Eldor that Zeth had never seen before.

5) Talking with Lord Longshadow post-rescue. Having a project that fits Zeth perfectly and that I'm confident that he's ready to handle is an excellent thing.

6) Post-Ceriopolis Zeth. Exploring where he is, emotionally and mentally. I'm pretty happy with it.



Nick's elephant during the animal wave battle was so great. Not sure how he kept such a straight face the whole time. (or did he?) The Bonewraith fight. Stephen V. 9 PC's was just fantastic. Stephens one man mods are always amazing and can be quite intense =D


I also want to thank Bond for running with the elephant bit. When he noticed we were trying to get Zazz involved he understood immediately, and rolled with it. With her inability to be out in field fights, that we could take some plot to her was super important.

I really was impressed with all the new players, they truly jumped right in and are going to add some great new blood.

It has been a while since I've really had fun playing Kel, but the PC RP really let me have a good time.


I had a great time at this event. Many highlights.

1) Giraffe origami craft time! I had a surprisingly great time with this. I paid out some gold to players new and old and we all had fun I think figuring out how to make the folds and teaching others. It was a new an interesting "module" that got me to interact with people I might not normally have. Zeke always creates a story.

2) Battles with the undead and such to reclaim Lord Longshadow. Trying to keep her engaged with us without killing her while we waited for the ritual to complete. At one point a few people lit her up with damage I was worried she would die and go to her bottle, which was the target of a ritual with only my Squire Eldor in the circle away from us. Good times.

3) Bond rolling me in the middle of the field, repeated withers carriers followed up by a wither eviscerate. Then trying to figure out if I had enough limbs left to have an arm to parry it. Spoiler, I did not. Followed by getting healed and just laying there asking for a purify so I can get up.

4) Finding people at 2am for an important mod and after I get them together explaining I am not going. Stealth mods are not for Sir Tantarus. They just had to trust me it was for everyones safety!

5) Badger badger mushroom mod. Once you put it together, it just makes you laugh.

6) Orange and root beer floats. OMG YES, will buy again.

7) Learning about a new land and world to explore. I am going to really like Stradyn. I have a feeling this is going to be a great campaign.

Great work plot, staff and NPCs. This game was very good and really recharged my batteries for larping in general. I only wish I didnt have to wait 4 months for the next one.


This was a super fun event for me and I'm sure I am forgetting things but here goes.

Getting to cast my first ritual! Babby's first blissful rest but I can't wait to get to really into the theatrics of ritual casting as I get more and more formal ranks!

Showing up to the new land riiiiight as we are about to fight undead and getting to greet everyone in a very in game moment.

"5 elemental earth!" Such a crazy fun high magic especially since I am usually so conservative with my spells it feels great to be able to just go all out in the big fights with some damage.

Seeing new players and giving them my arcane armour and PA and living like the squishy caster I was meant to be.

Getting to go on so many adventures with all the new players and encouraging them to get up in the fighting!

"I'm going to look for my friend, she will be where a doorknob should not be, like in a tree or road..." Suddenly I have 9 other PCs following me to a mod.

NIGHT TIME PUZZLE MOD HYPE! Both sides of that mod were insanely fun!

Getting rifted back to town and seeing Tals broken golem on the ground and losing my ****.

Feeling helpless since there were so many people to resurrect and I couldn't bring myself to do it because of last time.

ANGRILY killing a lich after not knowing how to help Tal post resurrection (Like Lyn is almost never aggressively killing something but I pumped everything into that lich and was on it until it's dying breath unto which I unleashed a mad howl of emotion)

Thats all I got for now but I can't wait for more gamesssss!


Wrapping rose hip vines around Lynn's bed rail for giggles.

Kel: I am thinking about opening a relaxation parlor
Gally: I brought the massage oil!
Kel: ... I am hiring

Agressive Gardening mod. Dryad happy.

Anytime bones and Tal were mentioned

Gally: ... and I tripped over this getting off the boat! (Holding up my new staff)
Gidget: first it was trees hitting you with magic items, now it's tripping over staves?"

Trying to convince Zeke Gally didn't believe in G raffs
"This is what happens when adventurers come to your town: you get dead Liches and 400 origami giraffes."

"Liches get stitches"


"'Stitches' here means 'Five Cure Morts to the chest at close range.'"


This event having been my first LARP ever, it's hard to pick a favorite moment, but probably one of the most memorable was "Badger, badger, badger, badger. Mushroom. Mushroom. Oh, it's a snake!"


I had a great time at the event and want to give kudos to the Plot team for a great campaign kickoff!

Some favorite moments -
- Fighting diseased animals, not least of which included Mr. Bond the aggressive pachyderm. Too cute to kill, to dangerous to ignore!

- Interacting with the swarms of players new and old. It's always great to have visitors from other chapters (for example, Marisa and Polare had some interesting RP during the weekend) and I love seeing new players getting into the game!

- Playing with an almost-complete group of Silver Wolves/Broken Mists was excellent. Good to have so much of the gang back together! Pulling Zeth further into our clutches was extra fun.

- Last but far from least the super-late stealth mod was BOSS. Let me tell you, I've seen a stealth mod or two in my day, and this one was right near the top. An ominous yet helpful breeze coming in off the lake? Check! Searchlights and quiet scurrying from shadow to shadow? Check! Sleepy guards? Check! A burst of combat we need to blast through quickly? Check! An unexpected obstacle to overcome? Check! Very well done for everyone involved.

Thanks for a great game, everyone!


First of all, this was an awesome game, I was nearly busy the whole time.

- My first event with all my formal skills. Casting 5 rituals, was a nice start.

- I never realized how anxious I could become sitting in a Circle of power, behind a ward, away from all the fighting. Being all alone casting the ritual to return Lord Longshadow to life, worried at any moment she might die and appear in my circle ready and more than able to kill me was Exhilarating.

- Total agreement that the stealth mod was tense and amazing.

- The long needed talk with Zeth, Sprigg and I, tugged at emotions all around, and hopefully brought about a greater understanding between us all.

- Getting to resurrect someone again, I really missed doing those.

- New players: I may not have interacted with many of you, but your presence was felt and welcome.


I know I'm a bit late to the game here, but I still wanted to thank everyone who showed up! I had a great game and I was super excited to see so many new faces! Here are a few of my favorites:
-2 AM stealth mod! PCs operated smoothly and the NPCs kept the tension up.
-There's an engineering guild and they WANT me to blow things up! Thanks to all who went with me to collapse the gnoll/kobald tunnel; it was especially fun to watch someone else get their clothing blown off for once.
- The Tower lair card. Dragging myself under, over, and through a collapsed building that was trapped all to hell made me sooo happy.
- Getting Life'd as an NPC snake, on a lair card that will remain unnamed, by a group of PCs that just wanted an excuse to fight me for a little longer.
- Blowing all of my defensives trying to save Tal Herroth and then blowing all of my PTDs avenging him followed by the great RP after his Rez.


Late night, everyone is tired and decide to go to bed because nothing is going to happen right??? WRONG!!!! Tavern is swarmed by lupoids spitting poisons, mostly sleeps, and having no one but a few new PC's and 3 or 4 higher level PC's with me. Naturally we get destroyed and I take off for the meadow to get help. On my journey I meet a creature I couldn't identify due to the darkness (Bond) asking what's going and if he could get a milk shake. Convincing him I could get the person who makes them to do so for him he allowed me to pass. Next me pounding on doors screaming for assistance and waking up the entire meadow. Returning tho the tavern with a large group only to find reinforcements have arrived. Next time you think it's safe to leave the tavern unattended please make sure there are plenty of strong people around or take the others with you. What a night, loved it 100% and look forward to more great adventures like this.
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