June Preregistration is now open!

Hey everyone,

June preregistration is now open!

Please use the form that's stickied to prereg. If it's not used, we may not accept what you send as being ok, since it may not include all of the information we need. If you do use it - you'll be credited 30 gobbies!

Please send preregistrations to waysidelogistics@gmail.com

The event will be $30 for those who preregister, $40 at the door. You can PREPAY using PayPal. If you do use PayPal, there is a $2 processing fee to help cover PayPal's costs. Please email us if you use PayPal so we can be sure to credit the right people with the payments! :)
We welcome Pay-No-Plays!

Any questions, please ask!

Currently Prereged: (as of 6/3/08)

19 people:
Robert Sachs
John Greenwood
Ryan Zabawa
Victoria Pacillo
David Glaesar
Amanda Zeller
Alison Thornton
John Leino
Robbie Carr
Tara Carr
Amanda Feigenheimer
Chris Hamilton
Matt Nottelmann
Jeromy Stewart
Josh Clark
Chris Kiefer
Jeremie Collins
Nancy Watson
David Tengdin (PnP)

The deadline to preregister is June 4th at Midnight CDT!


One question I want to make sure I get my pre-reg in correctly. Will the june gobbie blanket be in before the event?
Yes it will.
I've begun applying the June blankets. Let me know if you need a copy of your character so you can preregister fully. Please let me know if you have any specific requests concerning blankets.


just sent in my pre-reg. please, gimme a holler iffen 'tis not upta spec


26 hours left to preregister!