June Refund and July Price Drop?


To the chapter: I'd like to build some support for Jesse to get some monetary relief from Beaver Ranch. Chime in with a "Like" or a comment, as you will.

Jesse: We're with you in asking Beaver Ranch to acknowledge that they broke their contract and owe you a price reduction. We'd also like to see that savings passed on to the players for June and July.

What say you?


I would love to know more about this. What happened? How would this be "supported"? Will this hurt our relationship with Beaver Ranch further?
When we got to site, we learned that in preparation for future construction, they had cut the power going to all the cabins.
As a newcomer, I understand this was not normal for Alliance, but it does reflect poorly on the product Jesse put together and could hurt his business if he's promised one thing and they deliver another. I hope Alliance was compensated.

Jesse Grabowski

Chief Executive Officer
Denver Staff
Let me shed some light on this.
Beaver Ranch screwed me first with the initial price they gave me. Instead of not having games this summer at all, I took their shitty offer.

Then to my surprise, the cabins had no electricity when we arrived. I thought it was a matter of breakers but when my contact called me back Friday night, he clarified there was no power and apologized for not telling me sooner.

In addition, they also broke the contract in August as they double booked cabin one and the tavern for 6 hours on Saturday and only let me know this after I had already signed the contracts!!!

I am beyond upset about this and have demanded a price adjustment. I am currently awaiting a final amount but based on my most recent conversation he doesn’t think the discount will be significant. They have me between a rock and a hard place here. On one hand I want to not give them our money, but on the other hand we need summer games. With that being said, I am going to reduce player cost in cabins to $65 even though it looks like I’m going to lose money overall.

In addition I’m going to offer the players a discount for August to make up for June’s debacle. More news to come soon about our ideas for August.

With huge apologies,


Thanks Jesse for getting back to us. I have updated the website. Hopefully next summer we can find an alternative to Beaver Ranch.


Thanks for replying, Jesse!