June Tavern Menu!


Diversity Committee
June Tavern Menu!

Saturday Breakfast:
Assorted breakfast pastries
(Keto folks, I'm going to see if costco has the keto muffins in stock, if not, let me know if you've got a line on good baked breakfasts!)

Saturday Dinner:
Taco Bar (Chicken and Beef)
Put cheese on your meat! Put meat on your cheese! God might judge you, but I will not!
Likely also queso and chips!
Keto folks, there will be low-carb taco shells available, as well as lots of lettuce if you'd rather make a lettuce wrap or a taco salad.

Sunday Breakfast:
Continental (Yogurt, fruit, bagels, pastries, leftover tacos (Even God can back off on this one. Breakfast tacos are a human right))

Please send paypal payment directly to adialosdia@gmail.com! Sending it with your game payment makes Jesse do extra accounting, and he's a busy dude!