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Hey guys, we're going to have a longer break between this game and the next one, lets all share some of our favorite moments here from the previous game and give some shoutouts to your favorite players and NPCs alike for things that you particularly enjoyed!! This gives us a cool way to be able to look back on our previous event when we might be feeling a bit of drop after the event.

I cannot tell you how proud I am of our playerbase and staff this game. I've been owner for nearly a couple years now, and this event was sort of the culmination of a lot of my wants for the chapter. Just seeing how active everyone was running around and interacting with plot filled me with so much joy! I could not be any prouder of you all and all the growth I've seen both in and out of game from all of our community. I cannot wait to keep driving at the helm and trying to make this a safe and magical place for you all.

With lots of love,


This game was soo good, cudos to plot and NPCs for working their buts off! Also good job to our Tavern crew, we tried doing meal shifts this time around so Lilliana could get out and do things, hopefully we can streamline everything a little more before next gather.

as for favorite moments, saturday was full of them. First, when Vereth and Skreek were walking back from the Inn (ranger cabin) we saw a bunch of NPCs milling about, doing mod things. They pulled us as charectors into helping out these peasent folk ambush a traveling merchant for stealing their things. It was really cool to be part of an ambush situation in charector and against our friends.

then the casual stroll into the blight, definatly a face It That Watches and walk backwards into hell kinda moment, great interactions between all of the PCs involved and many thanks to our martial for being so accommodating with that whole ad libbed mod and letting Skreek try to throw herself on her sword polearm

-piling all our weapons on a very sleepy Madrigal
-Skreek wanting to do a fite but also having to do a cook
-kobolds to the rescue!
-being the first pc to trow a blow against Scurge after he downed Lucien
-insulting Scurge to his face and calling him small potatos
-getting ambushed on my way to the tents
-the whole blighted dryad mod
-getting to be usefull in other ways I.E cutting down trees and using my bow instead of my polearm all weekend
-hddling for warmth shenanigans while waiting for the dryad mod, lets digest madrigal some more ;p
-"healing arts, are you pregnant?"
-De! De was good bean! and she took such good care of Arngrim while staying in charector!

Also heck you, blight, we'll get you next time! Skreek has an arrow with your name on it! ;3


Ok... here we go.
-Heck you, big robe guy! We gotta do a big ol talk next event.
-SKREEK! youre fun. and I'm right. and... maybe youre right, too, but Daxter will never say it.
-IRA! I'm real glad someone cares about my crazy ramblings on magic. It was real good having you at the ritual and discussing how it all worked beforehand.
-Speaking of ritual. Cast my first ritual this event. It was a biiiig stress. and then I almost left a big 'ol ritual circle that looked like we were sacrificing people at a girl scout camp... Thanks Nick...
-MIA! I'm sorry I keep getting into trouble... its not always my fault. may have been my fault this time... but it was still fun. ALSO, noticed that the scroll was the same amount of gold that I gave you AND that I didnt get any gold back -_-
-SAREN! I know I should have chosen you. I was too emotional and wanted to use someone i'd worked with before. that mistake will not be made again. Also, I'm glad someone saw me walking out of the woods after those bandits jumped me. :p
-ARCHIE! I thought you were my boy! ;) It was real good on saturday and just what Daxter needed.
-SPEARA! I'm trying to be nice, but youre a dark elf, which means I cant trust. Will fight in a line with you any time, though.
-VERRETH! we didnt interact at game much, but post event chats were of much importance ;)
-LILY! I'm trying so hard to get to know you! I think its starting to work?
-ILLISE! - A Friend ;)
-HANDSOME FIGHTER! I do not know your name, but thank you for helping Skreek not die and for lending me a weapon
-DEE! why did I not come with you! nooooooo! Will find you next time. because Dee is friend.
-I need a fae reaver now. because paralyzing a redcap was really fun. SAREN! lets go fae hunting!

But yeah, good event overall. Finally got the kick in the butt I needed to be a better person. Next step kill the blight. Also, rituals are great and I will definitely be doing more of those. I really wanted United Blow, but also... high magic... we will see how that goes.

ok, really last thing: NPC's work so dang hard. And i'm almost sad that the $20 hasnt been claimed. /cry


First off, I have to thank plot and all the NPCs for all their hard work! We definitely kept them busy this weekend!

I have to second Skreek's thoughts about Madrigal's weapon blanket and Daxter's ritual circle. They were so much fun and added nice flavor to the roleplays!
-Doing an entire circle of the camp scouting with Arngrim. It was quite the walk, but I finally got to see some of the areas that I hadn't yet.
-Interrogating one of the Dryad Necromancers. It was an interesting character moment since Ira is normally more confrontational
-Kobalds! Arguing through a tent door was a fun experience and then promptly opening the door to have a Skreek tackle me while trying to escape them was fun XD
-Checking out the Blighted Wolf cave. I wasn't expecting them to run after us, but it was fun having them chase us back to the tavern and "rip" off the door
-Going ham on Scourge after he broke the Honor Duel rules
-winning coin from being the winner of a game of war (with a rigged deck) XD
-Blight creatures rushing the town the first night. Always fun when the late-night adventurers get pulled into a big battle while unprepared
-Getting to fight alongside people I don't normally do mods with! It's fun getting to know the people I've seen around, but hadn't had the chance to interact with!
-Dee's mod! James bond meets escape room, all the lights and spooky music made for a great atmosphere!

We're getting a little further into resolving the Blight and I can't wait to see what ideas people have to continue that next game!
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I really liked playing an NPC this game. I loved playing more than just a monster and be able to be a stupid villager and be able to do funny things. I loved watching Daxter and Archie do the dumb. It was great to be a stronger npc as well too and not just a little baby.