Kid's Campaign - A Call for Artists


Are you an awesome artist? Does the idea of drawing kids in costume doing cutely heroic things sound awesome to you? Do you want some super shiny HQ gobbies?

Well, then you are just what we are looking for! We are working on finalizing the kid's version of the rules and we'd love to be able to have it look spiffy and to share it on the website!
Kids like pictures, they like illustrations to help them understand races and classes and ... Everything. So, we did it!

The problem is, for this year, since the book wasn't published or posted we used artwork from the Internet... We'd like to be able to do those things and have it be super pretty and cool and easy to follow for our youngest LARPers - so that's where you come in!

We are looking to commission art work for the new book (to be completed over the next 10-11 months), depicting kids being heroic, Sarr kids and elf kids or angry barbarian kids or super celestial human kids -- just awesome game world kids!

Interested? Shoot me an email at dameaara @ and we can talk ideas and stamps and all that jazz. I'll even happily show you what we have now (we play-tested rules this weekend, so the book isn't final rules-wise)!

Head of Props & Logistics
HQ Kid's Campaign