King's Decree 2383

Brandy Smith-Watrous

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King’s Decree 2383

I, King Agrim Bonemelder, 12th King of Cinderfel, chosen of Thurmand Greyhammer of the Greyhammer Line, Decree that it is time for us to move forward.

Thirteen years ago, the Kingdom of Cinderfel was attacked and King Thurmand Greyhammer was assassinated by a plot of his eldest son. Whom now stalks the edge of our kingdom looking for a chink in the armor of the Terra Stones. For these thirteen years, we have been hiding in the shadows, awaiting the prophecy to be fulfilled. The mists parted and brought forth the mistwalkers whom brought new beginnings for all of us. Mistwalkers were then able to vanquish the long shadow that the Archmages Rhydel and Derek cast over the island of Unmei.

There was a winter where Breccharian had been poisoned and held in a shadow realm, fueling a portal that let the shadows and other worldly things crawl through. A stout and determined group was able to get through the forest and into the realm, saving our friend from what would have been a slow and painful death.

The endless war that started the day the mists opened. Kikari that have plagued the whole island, yet the mistwalkers took up arms and fought side by side with our Kotar. Even going as far as helping the waning coffers out of their own pockets when things were dire and aid from the capital would not reach them quick enough. The Kotar have suffered massive casualties, as Levomire has pushed his army north and destroyed Camp Alder, Camp Birch, and Camp Willow. The Kotar are on the brink of extinction, they can no longer be the main force to protect the island. Our peace treaty with the Kotar will remain intact, the tribes are protected as is the Kotar camps and land.

I have negotiated that we will bring together all those that wish to protect Cinderfel under the banner of the Griffon Guard. All Kotar with ranks will be given equal rank within and have priority. All those who wish to join are welcomed.

With council I have received from the mistwalkers and my advisors, I have reached out to Queen Regent Arianne of Eire. Advisors of Eire have helped with a long term plan to integrate and adopt the governing system they have designed, possibly also an alliance between both kingdoms that would benefit the Cinderfel people and the mistwalkers. All nobles of Eire would be acknowledged, respected and welcomed within Cinderfel.

Our kingdom continues to grow, Rockholm, a dwarven citadel to the west on the Island of Dread Refuge has been reclaimed in the name the Kingdom of Cinderfel. For his service in reclaiming the citadel, the title Baron has been given to Squire Dourn in his efforts to reclaim and fortify a territory once lost. The title Lady has been bestowed upon Deborah for her efforts in the reclamation, while Lord has been granted to Ivar Forkbeard posthumously for his efforts in the reclamation.

Baron Dourn has worked with the kingdom and colonist are being gathered for those willing to bring Rockholm to it’s former glory.
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