Kitchen - May event


Hello friends, and welcome back to the Happy Husky Tavern - Beryl's favorite place in all of Evodia!!

Dianne and I have just finished our grocery shopping expedition, here is the menu. As a note, my kitchen will be completely pork and shellfish free. As much as possible I've stayed away from sugar substitutes and corn syrup. No one listed they were a member of Team GF (Gluten Free), if you are I will have options for you - see me at game.

Friday Night - extra cheesy Mac!

Saturday Breakfast served 7am to 9am - egg & cheese breakfast burritos, instant oatmeal, hard boiled eggs, or possibly some fruit

Saturday Lunch served around noon - sammiches (choice of turkey, chicken, cheese, PBJ), chips, fruit side

Saturday Dinner served ... 6ish? Let's say 6ish, but it's going to be a gametime decision. If you really have to know ask Plot - tacos, rice, fruit salad (no melon. Melon gets their crap flavor over everything else. Gross).

I will have instant coffee available, please ask. Consider the kitchen warded. If you have something vital to your life that needs refrigeration, see me at game and we'll work something out. Both Squire Edwina and I will be invested in the kitchen ward, one of us should be available to help you if necessary.

~Your Friendly Neighborhood Husky
Brad / Sir Zihr
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