Kudos to the plot team


Great weekend guys

Everything I saw made me happy and proud to be part of this chapter. Your stories were good, the characters interesting, and your NPCs were tireless. If you have any doubt people had fun, you are mistaken. I look forward to the next event.

Matt Ferrara


Also less they be forgotten thanks to everyone else who was there.

Becky- Food was fantasic
The pcs who argued the merits of planer alliances- please come back and fight with me some more :)
My NPCs who suffered through 20 minutes of one hit, down, repop- Thanks for your patience, send me a note and I'll be happy to explain what was going on to you if you're interested.
Tom- For takinging over the chapter and keeping it in the family and I suppose for running a smooth logistics.

See you all again next time.



Thanks to all of the NPC for their endless crunching and for making Bears and Spiders one of the scariest animal combonations EVAR!!!!! I had a great time and I am really looking forward to the next event! I hope to see all of the players who made the long trek out to South Michigan back soon! Thanks again!!!!

AKA Durk the Orc Shaman
Can I convert this thread into an Event Faves thread? Well I wanna see you try and stop meh! Muaha!

n00bz! Y'all catch on quick Kudos!

Diseased swamp barbarians

Learning how to read and getting rid of excess treasure that way; "Cuz mah papa says that, mah papa says education don't come free." -Emily Jerusha, 8

Basically all things Eldandiril, X, and Sergi

Spiders and void and bears Oh my!

Bandits. 'nuf said.

Thank you Tom and Amy and Nancy and Mitch and The Rest for making this an awesome first event!


My freind wants you all to know that he loves gypsies and that they are the glory of his life


I just wanted to say i had an awesome time.
I originally wasn't sure if i'd be able to make it to your second event or if i'd even want to, but now i really do hope i make it back.

Many thanks to Tom, Amy, Mitch, and Nancy for an awesome game and thanks to all the other NPC's

Ryan Z.
A huge thanks to everyone who came out and made the event possible...PC, NPC and Staff alike.

I think it went pretty darn well for our first time out, but we're always looking to improve, so keep leaving the feedback.

Hopefully our next event will bring warmer weather, running water, and more friends both old and new :)


Wisconsin Staff
Ty to the Plot team, NPC camp, and of course, Tom. Thanks for puting together an active event and giving us a chance for a victory from the start and plenty to look forward to in the future. I will be back and I know a few others that traveled with me said as much.
Thank you for the commendations. I'm very glad everyone had a good time, I did too!

A HUGE thank you to Becky for slaving in the kitchen, Doug for his mad clean up skillz, and to all the NPC’s who busted it all weekend. It was great to meet new faces!

I for sure have some thoughts about things that I want to improve on for next event, so keep the feedback coming.

I want to remind everyone to submit written character histories to our email: alliancesouthmi@yahoo.com



Public Relations Committee
Wow I had so much fun. I really enjoyed seeing those whom I have not seen in such a long time. I also really liked being able to run with the big guys like Ex who scared the crud out of Liddia her first market day. I look forward to playing in SoMi again. Thanks to all the NPCs and plot team especially for aiding my hatred of spiders. I am interested in what plot twist you guys and gals are going to throw our way.

Some of my favorites:
Ex saying that Ractor was right when he said that Ex might eat me.
Gathering the four elements.
Hearing Mathis rant about the difference between crypt and cave. And the constant "I'm retired"
Fun with mirrors... Sorry, Toga did not say not to. :lol:
The banshee rep was amazing!!!!!!!!!!
the plane of life
Blood Oaths....
Crying in front of NPCs