Kyn and Plot

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Per the ARB:

There are limitations: The racial skills must
be announced and placed in the character database
at the time the character is created, and
the skills must make sense based on the type of
wylderkin being played. For example, a monkey
wylderkin may wish to purchase a Racial
Dodge; a snake wylderkin a Resist Poison; an
owl wylderkin a Resist Command; a polar bear
wylderkin a Resist Element.

This choice can be vetoed by your game’s
Plot Committee if it is inappropriate, and other
Alliance games have the right to refuse your
character’s skills if they are not reasonable.


So, does Plot have the authority to change a Kyn's skills for their game, for customer service reasons?

In theory, I suppose Plot could say a character got Race Transformed (same Kyn, new skills), and Race Transformed again on the way out, but I don't know what kind of effect on Treasure Policy that would have, since that's sorta beneficial, but isn't really?


While ARC prefers that this happen as little as possible, Plot has the ability to temporarily alter a card for any number of reasons if they choose to do so. In a case like this the effects should not continue past the end of an event. In general, ARC encourages plot teams to consider maintaining a significant deference to the original chapter's determination of acceptable skills so as to avoid issues like this.

-Bryan Gregory
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