LARP Soundtracks - Chicago Edition


So our friendly neighbors up in SoMI have one of these going, and I thought it'd be fun to bring down. What do y'all listen to to get in the headspace to play?

For Nikolai, it's pretty simple:

Wanderlust King - Gogol Bordello
In Hell I'll Be In Good Company - The Dead South
F*'d With An Anchor - Alestorm (NSFW lyrics)


Chicago Staff
For my character Kitaruen there are numerous songs now but for years and years he was driven by
While your lips are still red- Nightwish

For my character Kuyak
Earth Warrior- Omnia

For writing plot or ibgas I tend to listen to a lot of different things but tend to fall back too
Unleash the Archers and mostly Epica

Lastly the song I have always acquitted with adventurers in general-
Citizen Soldier - Three Doors Down


I toss my playlist on shuffle and listen to it on the drive to events:

its got allot of Barley Juice, Dropkick Murphy, Celtic Thunder, Flogging Molly, The Fiddlers Green, Merry Wives of Windsor, The Snake Charmer, and The Irish Rovers; mostly folk or folk rock.


Public Relations Committee
I have over thirty songs for Liddia. I find that listening to them helps get me in the mood for game.