Latex shield construction

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Per the discussion on this thread, I am verifying that the recent change in weapon construction rules, specifically:
In addition, all non-striking surfaces which may come into contact with another player (such as the shaft of a blunt weapon or polearm, crossguards, and the flats of sword blades) must be protected with sufficient closed cell foam to ensure safety should accidental strikes happen with those areas of the weapon. Weapons which do not have sufficient padding on non-striking surfaces will absolutely be disallowed from play...
would allow loosening of the shield construction rules on ARB pg 80.
All edges of the shield must be padded with 5/8" pipe insulation.

If this is correct, this would mean the requirement is for shields with safe non-striking surfaces, as opposed to the more stringent requirement of 5/8" pipe insulation. Is this the correct interpretation?


This is correct. Shields should be held to a "safe for combat" standard under the new weapon construction rules. This includes soft or padded edges at a minimum, and like weapons are under the ultimate purview of your local marshals.

-Bryan Gregory
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