Latex weapons legal in Alliance!

Here are the new Guidelines for Alliance latex weapons:

1) The latex weapon's length and overall volume must not exceed our current limits.

2) The weapon's core must be covered at all striking points with pipe foam, or foam of equivalent softness, that is no less than 5/8 of an inch in thickness. The handles can be covered in leather, grip tape or a similar material, just as with standard weapons. All non striking surfaces, besides the handle, must be covered in foam and soft enough to protect any player from potential harm.

3) All other specifications with regard to hardness, weapon trapping parts must meet with the current guidelines.

4) Lastly, as with the current weapons in our game, the weapon's marshal has to be willing to declare the weapon safe for its intended use, striking and blocking with the sides of the weapon's striking surface; thus, due to current latex designs in the industry, no one is permitted to stab or attempt to stab anyone with the tip of a latex weapon. Additionally, for the same reasons regarding design, no player is permitted to use the skill ''waylay'' with a latex weapon. It is understood that latex weapons commonly have less than a 2x2 inch blade width, and in addition to the lack of open cell foam at the tips, the common slenderness of latex weapon's blades are another reason we do not permit their use for the purpose of stabbing. If a player wishes to be able to stab or waylay anyone with any weapon used in an Alliance game, said player must use a boffer sap or a boffer weapon which has the standard two inch open cell foam tips on each end; thus, said player, in order to stab or waylay, must use a weapon that has been approved under our current non-latex, standard weapon guidelines.

5) Each chapter has the right to refuse or accept latex weapons, so please do not assume that any latex weapon you bring will be accepted. Please contact the specific chapter ahead of time to learn their policies on the matter.