Laws of Nine Towers (IG Info)


HQ Staff
Low Crimes: Low crimes are crimes for which the typical penalty is a fine or a prison sentence. It should be noted that the noble dispensing justice is not held to just a fine or imprisonment and harsher penalties may be exacted based upon the scale of the offense and the history of the offender.

Arson: The destruction of another’s property by use of fire. In addition to the fine it is customary for the noble to seize property of the offender and sell it or grant it to the injured party to replace what was destroyed.

Assault: Issuing threats that place a citizen in fear for their safety or the safety of others.

Battery: Intentionally causing physical harm to a citizen that does not result in the death of the victim.

Bribery: Attempting to provide goods, coin or services with the intent to circumvent the law or induce another to break the law.

Forgery: Committing false statements to paper for gain or profit.

Insolence: Disobeying or failure to carry out a lawful order given by a Noble.

Smuggling: Transporting goods for sale with the intent to circumvent taxation or tariff.

Thievery: Taking of another’s petty property.

High Crimes: High crimes are crimes for which the minimum penalty is Death. It should be noted that the noble dispensing justice is not held to just a single Death and additional penalties may be exacted based upon the scale of the offense and the history of the offender.

Aiding Breachspawn: Speaking to, aiding or not attempting to destroy extraplanar creatures. If a citizen is not capable of fighting the creature, failure to report the presence of the creature to the Military or Nobility as soon as physically possible.

Banditry: Theft of another’s property where the theft of same can result in the death of the proper owner. The nobility of Nine Towers deems the casting of any Ward upon a building you are not the lawful owner of to be Banditry and should the owner of the building meet harm as a result of not being able to access their property, all persons invested shall be guilty of the associated crime relevant to the harm inflicted upon the lawful owner.

Coercion: The use of magical or alchemical means to rob a citizen of free will. Penalties for any crime committed by one who is magically or alchemically Coerced will be carried out on the perpetrator of the Coercion and will be levied in addition to the penalty for the Coercion itself.

Counterfeiting: The act of producing or passing of money or Noble Writ that is false or that the user believes may not be genuine.

Kidnapping: Depriving a citizen of physical freedom except in the case where a person is being detained to serve a prison sentence or await justice.

Murder: Actions that cause the death of a citizen. A death can also be deemed Murder if the victim died as a result of the accused actions, but not directly at their hand. Penalties in addition to death are very common.

Slave Ownership: Owning slaves. In addition to death, those held in bondage are entitled to all property owned by the slave owner.

Unlicensed Spellcasting: Use of spells or scrolls without informing the Nobility of your ability to do so. All citizens of and visitors to Nine Towers must declare their ability to cast spells and relative proficiency with same to the Nobility before using any magical ability.

Treasons: Treasons are crimes for which the minimum penalty is Death and Refusal of Resurrection. Treasons must be tried by a Knight.

Insurrection: Disobeying of a Noble Order by one who has taken an Oath of Service to the kingdom, or inciting others to disobey a Noble Order. Any attack upon a member of the Nobility shall be deemed insurrection.

Necromancy: Casting of any Necromantic Spell, regardless of circumstances. In addition to the penalties for Treason the criminal’s name and likeness will be passed to the Venificus that the Necromancer might be hunted unto permanent death.

Slaving: The sale of citizens into permanent bondage.

Transpossession: The exile of another’s spirit with the intent of taking their physical form as your own.