Laws of Ravensong

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  1. I apologize for the wait, we have been very busy since last market. Here are the laws of our home Ravensong.

    His Grace Duke Veskel Albatross’s word is law, no exception.

    All citizens retain the right to self-defense.

    Thieves, bandits, and murderers shall be charged based upon their crimes.

    All alchemy is allowed as long as it does not impede free will. Any alchemy that may have harmful side-effects must have written and verbal consent before their consumption. Consent must be witnessed by a vassal of His Grace Duke Albatross. Use of Love 9 is limited to marital ceremonies only.

    Necromancy is legal for registered necromancers only. Those citizens that practice necromancy must find any vassal of the Duchy of Ravensong and file registration documents. All vassals bear the mark of His Grace Duke Veskel Albatross on their skin.

    All necromatic items must be documented and shall remain in the possession of a registered necromancer or vassal of His Grace Duke Albatross.

    Sanctioned Necromancers are those that bear the mark of His Grace Duke Veskel Albatross and they are given a specific purpose. Sanctioned Necromancers are not obligated to divulge what their tasks are, though they must share their burdens with a Sanctioned Anchor.

    Sanctioned Anchors are those that bear the mark of His Grace Duke Veskel Albatross, their obligation shall be to provide guidance and support to Sanctioned Necromancers. Every Sanctioned Anchor is given a minimum of one Sanctioned Necromancer to look after, though they may be assigned a maximum of three.

    Travel Papers must be provided by those that are not residents of Ravensong. All those who as in possession of Travel Papers are also considered to be under the protection of His Grace Duke Veskel Albatross.

    Taxes shall be paid in full on the first of each month, the cost of ones taxes depends upon their profession. Citizens with questions and concerns may visit a Ravensong official to gain an understanding of what they must pay.

    Those that give their word in the presence of an official of Ravensong shall be held to it. This law is held at especially high esteem by His Grace Duke Veskel Albatross. He has vowed to never break his word to those that receive it.

    Impersonation of a noble, or noble title, will result in a hefty fine if the title is that of Guard, Cupbearer, or Squire. If the title is Sheriff, Lord, or Knight the guilty shall receive one resurrection. If the title is that of Baron or Baroness the guilty shall be resurrected thrice. If the title is that of Count or Countess the guilty shall be resurrected five times. If the title is that of Duke or higher the guilty shall be put to death without the possibility of resurrection.

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  2. Bigens73

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    Mr Crane,

    Is there a way to tell an anchor apart from a sanctioned death magic user and by default is an anchor also allowed to practice death magic....

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Tribesman,
    Bruisey Foemangler
  3. There is no reason to make the two apparently different. In all interactions I've had, seen, and read in reports both Santioned Necromancers and Santioned Anchors have always told the truth of what they are. If I were you I'd just ask them, they'll tell you the truth. They may also show you their mark if you have issue believing them.

  4. Azeban

    Azeban Newbie

    Mr. Crane:

    Are sanctioned necromancers obligated to divulge the identity of their anchors to citizens if asked? To guards, if the answer is different?

    Guard Azeban
  5. Santioned Necromancers and Santioned Anchors are known to grow very personal and professional relationships. They tend to get more closed off when the questions get more personal. Though most tend not to have an issue of telling people who their Anchor is and vise versa. Though I would not doubt if either may perseve those that ask will cause harm they my become defensive and closed off.

  6. Pokethulu

    Pokethulu Spellsword Public Relations Committee

    Mr. Crane,

    Are traveling papers and as; expected to be carried by those who visit your lands from outside the mysts?

    How does one petition or obtain the traveling visa? How long does the visa last? Is any other form of identification required for freedom of movement? Does the visa allow for travel across, counties, baronies, and duchies?

    I plan on visiting your lands after the winter and would greatly appreciate any guidance to ensure I am within the law during my travel abroad.

    Many Thanks,
    Lady FallingStar
  7. Dear Lady FallingStar

    We live in a Dutchy to help clarify that for you. I have an office in the providence of Horizon so as long as I have a heads up I can grab the necessary paper work and have you sign them. If you can not write with your concent I can sign the paper work for you. Paying for the travel papers tends to be paid monthly and are easily renewed if you are not around for long period of times. We may talk in-depth when you arrive.

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  8. Muir

    Muir Fighter

    Ah, so there is a charge attached? What sort of fee are we talking?

  9. Depends on you, nobility tends to pay more in cost since they ask for extra protection or even bring an entourage. While those who a passing through or even stay briefly will pay less since many don't want or require the extra luxuries. We even turn down luxuries if His Grace finds them to be trivial to your visit. The basic cost is two silver, though those can't pay with coin offer other things that are equivalent.

  10. KyleSchmelz

    KyleSchmelz Fighter Marshal

    Lady Liddia,

    Dere's only da one duchy. No king or nuthin', just a duke. I don't know if like callin' himself a king would make da udder factions in da area mad or sumtin', if I were da head guy in da area I'd call it a kingdom and I'd be da king.

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  11. Jeremy M.

    Jeremy M. Newbie

    Honorable Mr. Crane

    When you spoke before the banquet last market day, you had received no end of grief from the noble adventurers of old Gaden and myself. Nonetheless, you persevered with grace and dignity before us. I thank you, and I thank your lord, for the mercy we have received hence. That you have now delivered the whole truth of the laws, so we may abide by them and remain in your lands, is a blessing, both unlooked for and unsurpassed. Never have I seen a herald your equal. Thank you, again.

    May songs be ever sung of you,
    from Loup the Errant

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