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Layon Policy / Start Times


No one is allowed on site before 4 PM.

Each event starts at 9 PM with a "Soft Layon." A Soft Layon allows the use of IG skills but means that NPC camp will not be fully engaged. After the Soft Layon starts no player-owned or npc-owned cars are allowed anywhere on the upper part of the campsite.

From the NPC end there is some roleplay, possibly a few wandering monsters on the roads, but we (as in the NPCs) aren't doing the larger encounters or waves. At 10:00:00 it is "game on." For example: In November 414 we sent out a group of undead in a wave (with another group instructed to meet them 15 minutes after the hard layon). They had a clock that the encounter head watched so that the group stayed out of game and then went full-tilt as soon as the clock read 10:00.

  • 2 April 2015: Policy originally posted.
  • 5 April 2015: Added car policy.

Graham Wolsey

Denver Staff
Thanks for the clarification on Soft Layon, that was really helpful for me to know that you can use IG skills during that time.