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Minnesota Alliance is introducing a standardized system for local chapter only (LCO) crafting that expands upon the existing crafting system of the game. This system is designed to allow characters to create potent new items to make their crafting skills more varied and valuable. These rules do not change the generic crafting found in the Alliance Rulebook.

As part of this system, we will be introducing Crafting Plans as a new kind of drop and treasure. These plans will require one of the production skills in order to use, either: Alchemy, Smithing (Blacksmithing), Brewing (Create Potion), Inscription (Create Scroll), or Tinkering (Create Trap). All crafting plans require the Educated skill in order to identify and use. A small number of plans may require more than one production skill in order to create them.

Crafting Plans may be acquired in play from a variety of sources, but most plans will be acquirable through the subfactions.

Crafting Materials will be dropped as a new kind of tagged loot. They will be grouped into 5 categories: (1) Herbs, (2) Leather, (3) Vellum, (4) Ink, (5) Ore.

All crafting plans will have a set of roleplay requirements and a time listed to create the item described by the plans. The crafting requires Focus (as defined by the 2.0 rules) and losing focus causes you to fail the crafting plan; however, neither the crafting plan or the materials are lost if this occurs, you simply have to restart the required roleplay. Some crafting plans require that they are observed by a Crafting Marshal or member of the Plot Team, for these plans you will need to find someone to observe before you begin the roleplay requirement.

After you have completed your plans and roleplayed its creation you will need to find a Crafting Marshal or a member of the Plot Team. Once they’ve checked to make sure that you have the necessary skills (for the 2.1 beta events this will require the General Crafting Ability: Create Superior Equipment), they’ll take the materials used and make a note in the crafting log of the item that was created. They will then provide you with a temporary item tag for the item with a brief description of the item and their signature. At the next game, you will trade in the temporary tag for a standard Item Tag.

The template for a set of plans is as follows:

<Primary Skill Name> Plans

Name: <Name of Plans Here>

Key Skill(s): <Name of Crafting Skill(s) Require Here>

Item Type: <Item Type Here (e.g. Scroll, Potion, Gas, etc)>

Item Duration: <Item Duration until it Expires>

Crafting Difficulty: <Skill levels required to use plans>

Crafting Roleplay: <Description of RP and time requirement to make item>

Crafting Requirements: <Materials used in the creation of item and Production Point cost>

Item Rules: <Description of the item and associated rules>

Copy Requirements: <Skills required to make a copy of plans>

Copy Cost: <Materials used to copy plans and Production Point cost>

Signature Line _________________________________ Player Number __________________

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OOC: You can find the updated list HERE. With the transition to 2.1 the recipes have been updated to match the Superior Equipment design. Plans must still be purchased with Prestige, but they no longer are consumed upon completion and so can no longer be copied. Crafting Materials that have previously dropped will still be honored, with the following conversion:

Animal Byproduct -> Leather
Elemental -> Ink or Ore
Herb -> Herbs
Necromantic -> Any
Poison -> Herbs
Metal/Ore -> Ore
Wood -> Ore or Leather

You will not need to obtain new tags, simply utilize the old tags, and let the Crafting Marshal know that the Superior Equipment created is LCO.
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