leather axe handle


i am looking to add a leather handle to my larp axe. (latex, epic armoury cleaver axe) i was wondering if you guys had any tips on this. (how to do it, what kind of leather, etc) any help would be appreciated



I'm also interested in trying this out. I've asked around among other weapons makers and leatherworkers who use this style, to get their tips, which I'm happy to pass on. I have not yet tried this out myself, however.

I've seen two styles used:
  • Spiral wrapping a strip of leather around the grip, in the same way that I current use Wilson brand self-adhesive tennis racket grip (available in Walmart sporting goods section for about $3 in my area).
  • Sewing on the leather grip
Spiral Wrap
  • 1 maker I know uses colored suede for the grip, and locks it down with DAP glue. Looks great. I was personally concerned about color bleed to sweaty hands from the colored suede, but I've used one of these weapons extensively in the hot & humid deep South, and never had a problem with that
  • Another maker I know uses the inexpensive cow hide basic stuff that everyone uses for their leather armor (pardon that I don't know the exact term for it). He does not dye it at all. Also uses DAP to hold it down. Sweaty hands, dirt, and wear eventually turn the leather darker brown, mold it to the user's grip, and it ends up looking really cool over time.
Sewn Grip
The third maker I know meticulously measures a piece of any type of thicker leather or suede to the grip. Then pokes "a million" tiny holes up and down each seam, symmetrically. He uses one of those curvy leather needles to meticulously sew an X pattern to sew the grip on. The end result is really great looking! But man -- what a lot of work! I love the finished product, but I think I lack the patience for that method, personally.

Good luck, Lukas! If you try this, I'll hope you'll return to this thread with some photos of your work. I'd very much like to see it.

Trace Moriarty
image.jpg image.jpg If you want to just have leather on there for looks or for weight balance, then you could do a butt stitch with one rectangle piece of leather. Which you could stamp designs in and such. Here's some pics from a book I have. It's for making a dice cup, but the principal is the same, just adjust the measurements as needed.