Leather Belt - Pictures


So I think before August Last year I told people I was going to start working leather...well I've been doing it ever since. I'm moderately good with Armor including bracers...Sword Frogs I'm decent with I don't spend alot of time working on those.

I always hated going to some online site and seeing a regular latigo black belt selling for 35 bucks or more.. I mean after all its just a few rivets perhaps and some dye and bang you got a belt.

having done belt making... and belt making seems to be my forte.. I completely understand the nonsense in why they charge that amount..however the extra features is what racks up the price pretty easily.

I do alot of extra steps in belt making that most people dont.. here's a common list of things I do to a belt if I want it to look good.

**Keep in mind some of this stuff has to dry up to 24 hours and multiple layers of dye or other chemicals will need to be applied based on request**

Cut the Belt Leather if from bulk
Carve Designs - optional
Stamp Designs - optional
Bevel the edges
Add Chicago screws instead of various rivet types
Thread Lock the Chicago screws
Apply Edge Coat / Dye -optional
Dye the Leather
Tragacanth gum the edges
Burnish the Edges
Apply Leather Balm and Atom Wax
Apply Resolene
Apply a coat of Neatlac
Apply a coat of Blackrock polish
Apply water resist leather spray (in addition to the properties of the finishes and Resolene)


So with all that said.. here's a belt I just finished tonight...it isnt my best work.. but everything I learned about how to do things will always be with me.. great learning tool

PS: The belt was made from scrap leather I had around, so if you see inconsistencies in leather grain or type...its because it was all scrap.. and this was an experiment




It's nice to finally see that belt come together. :!: :ugeek:


oh, very nice, kat! hey, ¿you got pictures of those bracers and the frogs? i've been looking for some fly armguards and boffer loops
I might have a custom order for you... for a few frogs, a new belt, a set of bracers and a backtrap.



Tatianna and I would be happy to buy items from you. Bracers and frogs sound cool.....can you PM me with rough pricing?