Leather Scale for sale.


Greeting Fighters. My name is Ravioli hailing from the Joined Cities of MN. I am starting up an armory that is focused on making affordable leather scale for armor making. In an effort to keep the price low, the scales are loose in bags of 100.
Here is a list of specifics:
1) Most of the scale are 2"x3" and punched for 8oz black leather.
The price for the scales is $30 per 100 scales and I split shipping with you. (check the bottom of the page for a discount esty code).
I accept paypal, most forms of plastic, or cash if I'm at an event.

2)The scales are punched is a way that there is 1/2 overlap with the next scale. This means that the 8oz give you 16oz armor that has enough flexibility to let you touch your toes.

4) Why you should buy my stuff. This scale is an excellent choice for first time armor makers to veteran fighters looking for basic armor. If you aren't happy with the scale send it back for a refund on the product.

You can check out my inventory at:
http://www.etsy.com/shop/ScrapWorksArmory (Use code 10Percent for 10% off)
If you are interested or have more question feel free to pm me or shoot me an email.


So A. You need to come play at your friendly SoMN Chapter (www.mnalliance.com) our closing banquet is this weekend (a rare sat+sun only, we usually do fri-sunday)

B.) We should chat about a bulk deal for my monster camp.

-David G
Alliance Southern MN




Realm starts, Unit makers, and everyone else take heed! Scrap Works is now offering a listing for bulk order scales. What is in a bulk order? 2,000 scales (weighing in around 45lb) ready to made into awesome armor. It will put you back $540+shipping but should be enough to armor up 5-8 fighters. You do the math but that is amazing savings.
Be advised its going to take me around 2 weeks to fill this order.


Ok over the next couple days I'll be posting a bunch of new offerings: new scales colors and pre-built armors.
I'll start off with new scales colors: Brown Alligator, Matte Blue, and Burgundy.


Next is a bracer (just one). The spikes in the front are removable with a screw driver. Average thickness is 7oz.
I'll include a couple small rivets to fill in the holes from the spikes. $35+shipping



Next up is a Dragon Shoulder Guard. Made from 11/10oz leather and attaches with a simple underarm belt. The leather is slightly hardened but the spikes are unhardened. Asking $65+shipping


Don't want to spend the time riveting scales together? Well I have two panels of pre-rivets scales up for sale as well. Brown/Black scales secured with brass plated rivets, overall thickness is 12oz. Piece one is 18"x18.5" in size, Piece two is 18"x17.5" in size. All together is 298 scales rivet together. $125+shipping


Last two off items for now: Vented Armor and Long Leather Doublet
One of the problems I have run into while wearing armor in the summer is that I sweat a lot and overheat. I didn't want my armor to appear to be full of vent holes, so I hide 1/2" holes under the flaps of the scales. Now I stay cooler in the fight and still look good. Assembled from 8oz Chromium tanned scales, they form a layer 16oz thick. $350+shipping

Long Leather Doublet
Looking for a leather long doublet for a noble elf or maybe you are a merchant at a fine feast. Constructed from supple cream and seafoam green leather, stitched with red thread, and closed with a Velcro closure. Now people might not like just velcro as a sole closure so I'm including 5 buttons with the order. This is a one off from a project that fell though and I based the doublet on an XL pattern size. $250+shipping

Code 'OSGILIATH5' is good for 5% off


Just added a couple lamellar armor kits to the shop. The first kit is a dark brown belt armor kit that contains 180 plates, three 50' hanks of paracord and a lacing needle. Asking $200 for the kit.


Next is the Blemished Lamellar Kit. Punched from a hide full of brands, scuffs, and fade marks, this kit is perfect for the fighter looking for rough appearing economy armor. The kits include 200 plates (5 to 11oz thickness), three 50' hanks of paracord, and a lacing needle. Asking $150 per hide and $275 for both.



Adding a new standard offering to the shop, 8oz Black Lamellar Plates. These plates are punched from through dyed, chromium tanned leather the same stuff my scales are punched from.

I have three ways of buying these plates
1) Packs of 100 plates for $60 https://www.etsy.com/listing/159343324/8oz-black-lamellar-plates
2)Black Lamellar Kit- 200 plates, three 50' hanks of paracord (your choice of color) and a paracord lacing needle. https://www.etsy.com/listing/159358057/8oz-black-lamellar-kit
3)Bulk Lamellar Pack- 1000 plates for $540 (10% off) https://www.etsy.com/listing/159361341/bulk-black-lamellar-plates


If there is one thing people like to use to get into character its masks. Problem is that it is almost impossible to find diy mask blanks. Scrap Works is now offering two different sizes of mask blanks. Both are punched from 7-8oz Natural Veg Tanned Leather that takes tooling and dyes well.

This is a picture of a mask all dyed and embossed with a wood grain pattern. Took about 10 minutes to do this project.

The small blanks are $7 and the large blanks are $10

Also I have a 2 different types of reptile scales: Snake and Alligator. The Snake scales are 2-3oz natural veg tanned and the Alligator is 2-3oz Brown Scales.




Scrap Works has added 2 new lamellar designs to the shop: Model 2 and XL.
The XL lamellar plate are 3.25"x5.5" in size and are perfect for leather larp armor. They lace together quickly, are low cost, and won't weight you down. Punched from 8oz Black chromium tanned leather. I'm almost certain you could make a vest piece in a day with these.
25 plates are $22.50+shipping


The Model 2 plates are person who wants to take their armor to the next level. Also punched from 8oz leather as the XL, these plates are smaller, allow more flexibility in the armor, and are legal for cross-gaming in Dag/Bel. Plates measure 1.75"x 3.5"
100 plates are $30+shipping