Legacy Chapter Policy Change

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Chicago Staff
Summary: This vote is for two items
1. Closed chapters will now enter a *defunct state within the CMA. This will allow players with characters or rewards from those closed chapters to be able to continue to benefit from previous work/donations/rewards of those chapters. As long as a player has goblin stamps within said chapter they may utilize them to receive monthly blankets, sell back skills, and buy back deaths on characters in that chapter. New characters may be created in these defunct chapters to utilize Goblin Stamp rewards as well, though the standard limitations of one single blanket/skill sell off per chapter/character applies.

2. If a defunct chapter is not restored to active chapter status within two years after the end of the calendar year in which it closed all entities within that chapter (characters, goblin stamps, future chapter specific items, etc.) will be placed into a consolidated legacy chapter. This legacy chapter will have a combined single pool of a players previous rewards from those currently defunct chapters, and all characters housed within those now officially closed chapters will be moved to the new Legacy chapter. This currently only affects CMA era chapters. In the case of the most recent series of closed chapters Calgary, Kansas, OR, and Seattle this will take effect at the end of 2022.

Due to standing agreements this proposal cannot be modified or repealed while the CMA is in use

Vote: Allow players to utilize their closed chapter goblin stamps for character management
The following chapters voted for this policy: Chicago, So. Minn, New Hampshire, Gettysburg
The following chapters voted against this policy: None

Synopsis of conversations: While there was some concern around managing character movements within the CMA, the conversation greatly centered around how we can best serve our community and creating a long enough timeline for people to actively utilize previous earned rewards. Our contract allowing us continued use of the CMA also played into the exact wording/timeline/structure of how this would work as well.

*This is relative to creating the process of Active and Defunct, and could result in adjustment based upon technological requirements
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