Letter #1 From the Expedition


Kansas Staff
**Posted on a few flyers around town**

This letter has been published on behalf of Lady Ileana Gristle so that all Voidsmarch may share in the findings of the Void Exploration Expedition.

My dearest Alyx, I hope this missive finds you well.

I apologize for the delays. It has been rather difficult to find the time to put pen to ink since we took our first steps into the Void. The recent weeks have been filled with a whirlwind of activity. I am quite pleased to report that the first phase of our expedition has gone nearly exactly to our expectations.

We have reached the second checkpoint, an old Dark Elven ruin that has been abandoned for generations... By my estimation that places us a bit over half way down and it seems incredibly unlikely that we will encounter the leavings of anyone else as to the best of our knowledge, no one has ever dared travel deeper into the Void.

Even the water seems... different in this place. I find it difficult to explain the sensation properly, but suffice to say that it lingers on your tongue with a slight tingle and an earthy taste that reminds me vaguely of the mushrooms from home. A curious feature that I plan to investigate further on our way back to the surface.

The darkness in this place is... oppressive. It pushes on us in such a way that even our magically produced light is rendered useless. Thus only the pinprick light from the strange crystals growing around us illuminate our steps now. Our parties decent had slowed considerably, but we must press on slowly and carefully as I regret to report that we have already lost one of our own due to the ancient stones shifting under our footholds as we neared our campsite. His screams echo in my ears even now.

As we continue to descend down into the abyss I often find my thoughts turning to the light and comfort of the surface we have left behind. I cannot shake the feeling that although we have come quite far already, the most harrowing part of journey yet remains. Still, I find this place unsettling in its oddity and yet even now excitement fills me at the prospect of learning more of this place.

Warmest regards from the darkness below,

Vincent Burke

PS: Please share this with the others above, it is difficult to get letters up to you, and I am sure others will want to know of our progress.​