Letter to the People of Erabella

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Ryan S

Minnesota Staff
To every citizen of Erabella,

It is my privilege to share the news that the war is over! With the surrender of General Cleavius and the death of the exile Erwin Pennoyer the northern forces broke. It has been a rough few months, but with the aid of General Hildigard of Thoinia his Golden Blades, we have managed to cut down what remains of the traitors. On behalf of the nation of Erabella, I want to express my gratitude for the aid that Thoinia provided in our darkest hour, and continue to provide today.

As we begin to put this dark chapter behind us, and look to our futures, the time has come for us to formalize the leadership of our great nation. To that end Cerys Morris, Llassar Flint, and myself have chosen a Minister Council to lead us going forward. While the three of us will join this council so that we may continue to aid the nation as we make this grand transition, we will also be bringing two more voices to this council; two selected by the citizens of this nation. In the coming month each citizen of this nation may volunteer themselves to fill this role. At the end of the month we will hold an election, bringing the two citizens with the most support onto the Minister Council. Ministers shall serve for a term of seven years, after which another election will be held, and a new council will lead the nation into the future.

Minister Morris and Minister Flint have voiced their support for me to lead this council, and I have graciously accepted. It is an honor and a privilege to continue to serve the nation of Erabella. In my role they wished that I would serve as the head of our army, and while I will do so when a conflict arises that requires us to raise an army, as my first act as Prime Minister I am releasing the noble soldiers who have fought for their nation. They took up arms to defend what was right and just, and we shall repay them the debt that is owed. Now they may return to their homes and families, to build the lives they dreamed were worthy of fighting for.

As long as I serve as Prime Minister, I will task the Minister Council with serving the citizens of Erabella first and foremost. We will ensure that every able citizen has land to till and a home to call their own. We shall uphold the rights of every citizen to a good life and healthy being. We shall protect our citizens from those who would seek to steal that from them, and those who would strip away their independence.

On a lighter note, in one month we will be holding a grand tournament. Every citizen of Erabella who wishes to prove their prowess in battle is encouraged to enter; many who had never before wielded a weapon have learned that they had a grandmaster lurking within them. Now is the chance to be recognized for those capabilities, and rewarded for the effort that was taken to learn those skills. May we now only draw weapons in matches for enjoyment, rather than in necessity to defend our homes. I look forward to witnessing this melee, and crowning its victor!

May we see this bright future together,
Prime Minister Cardan Powell
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