Letters from Rosemont Grove

Letter Adlao to Maiev.png

A rolled parchment scroll made from what appears to be woven cornhusks bound in jute arrives for Maiev Riese, High Orc Curse Mage. The courier says it came from Rosemont Grove. Opening it releases the faint fragrance of a bright incense dappled with notes of ginger and roses. Upon breaking the simple cream-colored beeswax seal stamped with a heart, the following is penned in a flowing script:

"My dear friend Maive,

We are so grateful for the financial aid you gifted to our orphanage at Rosemont Grove!

With your generosity, we were able to purify the nearby well, renovate the pipes in the building, and build latrines, as well as install fencing around Orphanage estate and make repairs to the roof. The building is much safer thanks to you. ((next IGBA's Minor Actions))

There was even enough left over to celebrate the house improvements- I was able to purchase some rare vanilla beans from a traveling spice vendor from Arnet who came through our village. I combined the beans with some firewater that one of the neighboring potato farmers brews, and let it sit in the sun for a fortnight while the repairs were being made to create the essence of vanilla. I made some puffy steamed honeycakes for the children, topped with a special vanilla buttercream topping; they were so excited!

Many of the Children wrote letters to you, which I will deliver at next Market. They also named a friendly turtle after you in the reflecting pond in the garden. They say it’s the guardian of the Orphanage, and they often leave snacks for it.

I look forward to adventuring with you again! May Light ever illumine you, and Earth open The Way.

Madrina Adlao, HM"


Chicago Staff
Thats so nice! Tell the kids NOT to tip it on its back! Dont let them do it…unless it ask.

But even then, make sure they rub the belly so it laughs. Turtles do that right? They always run when I try to boop them.