Level Cap Policy


Chief Technology Officer
Raleigh Staff
In order to ensure a smooth play experience Alliance Raleigh has a build point cap in place for our first three seasons. This is to allow both our new player community room to grow and shine and allow early plot lines to run with an appropriate amount of challenge.

For the 2022 Season of Alliance Raleigh, there will be a build cap of 155 total build, spent or unspent. This cap will increase by 50 for the 2023 and 2024 seasons (going to 205 and 255 respectively). There are no plans to have a cap for Alliance Raleigh games for the 2025 seasons and beyond.

All characters that exceed the build cap can be played, but at a reduced build amount to conform with the build limit. When a player wishes to play a character that is over the build cap, they will need to contact logistics and let them know. Logistics will then work with that player to create a character card legal for play at the current build cap.

Characters transferring in to play at the reduced build (i.e. under cap) must submit to logistics a card for their character. This card must have a total build of the current cap (spent or unspent) This card will have the same name and race and must be a legal card containing only skills that are trained on the originating character. However due to fluid classing the transferring in character may have a different class than the originating character. During this process you may purchase a smaller subset of any skill that allows the sell back of one of it’s contained skills. Examples of these include Weapon Master, Style Master, Weapon Profs or Backstabs.

Finally it is important to note that a scaled down character will be in as much danger as any other and scaled down character’s reduced skills will not be a consideration for adjudicating any deaths or other character developments.

As always, our goal is to make our game at Alliance Raleigh as safe and accessible for as many people as possible. We are open to feedback and discussions regarding this, and all, of our policies. Please feel free to discuss the policy here on the forums, in our Discord server, or our Facebook.