[.11] Life Leech


Gettysburg Staff
Life leech states the following (emphasis mine):

Life Leech Ritual may choose to activate it on a single weapon blow (once per Logistics period per charge) to siphon foul energies from their opponent's wounds. The Ritual may be activated immediately after a single damaging attack made with the Weapon qualifier which strikes the Target and is not prevented or altered via a defensive call. When activated, the wielder will regain Body Points equal to the damage called in the attack. The wielder may not go over their normal Body Point maximum. This Ritual may be used in conjunction with an Eviscerate or Terminate delivered via the Weapon qualifier. In this case, the user will regain 200 Body Points. The character need not make any verbal declaration that they are utilizing this Ritual.
With the removal of Terminate and Eviscerate (sort of), is the intention for this ritual to only heal 200 body when used with those skills, or is that just holdover text?


Alliance Rules
Seattle Staff
Holdover text that was left in error. They should heal whatever damage is swung, like any other skill.