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So what is happening in the Wyldes? Well, everyone is in a limbo state. Daji has done something unexplainable. There are those who are experiencing an alter reality and there are those just in darkness. Which one are you? What you experience, is it important or are you living out your greatest desires? No one know for sure, at least not yet. Venture into your own reality. Embrace what you feel, what you see. Maybe you will unlock secrets from the Wyldes.

So what is exactly happening? Because we are having a long stretch between games, Plot will be using these IBGAs (choose your own adventure) to give some exposition of the current plot arc in an unconventional way. This page will update at least once a week until the end of year. Our goal as plot will be to give you 3 special IBGAs that will be catered to your character and your decisions. Because we are making each response have some importance and relevance, they we be sent out one by one as we finished them instead sent out as a group. Also this systems helps me personally with how my creativity works, some stories just come at me out of no where. Everyone will get a response before we moved on the #2 and #3 but each person will not be in other. In other words everyone will get response #1 before we begin working on response #2. Our current goal will be to have all 3 response sent by the end of the year. Anyone is welcome to be added to this list whenever you wish to join. There is currently no deadline. I hope you will enjoy them. If you have any questions or wish to join, don't be afraid to reach out to me, Daniel, on any media platform you wish. You can always contact me at

Below is the insert that started this limbo which happen in April 2020
The sun has set and the moon shines over Sanctuary. The town’s folk close up shop and most prepare for their night’s rest. A voice shouts from the tavern. “Help, Help! Daji is in the tavern!” You, with the rest of the adventurers, race to the tavern and ready yourself for the dangers that lie ahead. But you’re not prepared.
In the middle of the Tavern stands Daji within a circle of power. She bends down and turns over one of the stones by her feet. A black rock under the stone glows with a radiant purple. She looks up at you and smiles. “It’s finally time. I knew hiding this little piece in here would pay off. Our preparations are nearly complete. Just one last thing.” She grabs the dark rock and stands. The purple radiance then starts to surround her. “You know, if you had only trusted me, this could all have been avoided. But…. shows YOU what ‘good’ friends are.” Daji begins to laugh. “Just wait, eventually you, too, will see that your worst enemy is also your so- called friend.” The radiance begins to darken in hue. The tavern begins to vibrate. Daji smirks. “Too bad you won’t live long enough to see that happen.” Her eyes turn black and then a purple beam lets loose from her body and shoots straight upwards through the roof, into the sky. The vibrations become stronger and soon you feel the ground shake too. The sky cracks and a loud shatter echoes all across Sanctuary. The pieces of the shattered window begin to fall from the night sky. As the pieces fall, they crumble into dust and soon the sky appears to rain down in glitter. The beam comes down from the sky, receding into Daji, and then a wave of light blasts outward. When the light hits you, everything goes black…

Pending: means that your story is being thought of and written
Editing: means that your story is complete and being edited and revised
Waiting for reply: means that your story has been emailed to you and we are waiting for your response

Alpha (Josh): 1/3 Pending
Astraeua (Kori): 1/3 Pending
Awohali (Josh): 1/3 Waiting for reply
Baguul (Ryan): 1/3 Pending
Bjorn (Austin): 1/3 Pending
Droth (Kris): 1/3 Waiting for reply
Samantha! (Drew): 1/3 Pending
Sif (Brooke): 1/3 Pending
Tendras (Sam): 1/3 Pending
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