Linguistic note

Flyaway Bird

Hi friends,

I heard the word "gypped" used in game this weekend and wanted to take a moment to clarify why that is not okay, either in or out of game. Most people have never seen the word written down, so they may not be aware it comes from the racial slur "Gypsy" -- a word we have made a concerted effort to remove from our game. This is especially important since the word "gypped" means "ripped off" or "swindled", which plays directly into harmful stereotypes that exist about the real-life Romani people. We all know it's not cool to say someone got "Jewed", so let's do our best to remove "gypped" from our vocabulary as well.

Some more information about the etymology of the word, and why it is inappropriate for use:

Thank you for continuing to make Alliance LARP a safe and respectful space for all players!


Thank you for the reminder! It's hard to iron these wrinkles out of ourselves, and the occasional nudge of the iron certainly helps. <3