Well, it looks like I stumbled into the wrong lands on my way through the mists from the Golden Horn. I am assuming that I have landed around Tarndale based upon the flora and fauna that I have heard described from this place. I will ask a local farmer for directions and will make my way toward town tomorrow.

If there is a place that I can stay that is free of a ward or can accommodate a person who prefers earth magic I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,

Melvynoxus Fungiflora Resdonkorg
Hi Melvyn,

I am not sure if there is space in the Earth Guild, but if there is you are more then welcome to stay there. They often place a ward on the back half of the cabin and leave the front half open. You can probably stay in the bunk in the front that is not behind the ward.



Thank you for your direction Kiarra, I look forward to seeing your friendly face in this seemingly hostile land. If you need assistance in any way while I am in town feel free to seek me out, it would be my honor to help you in any way possible. I would also happily jump at the opportunity to learn anything that you would be willing to teach me.

Thanks again,