Logistics - October 2021

Evening everyone,
As I am preparing to get all the logistics for the October event together, there are a few notes to cover:

If you are wanting to have any starting production, please send those into me at the logistics email. I have received a couple, and this ensures that I have them in your packet! If you owe coin, I will collect it at check in. I will have a note on your packets on how much you owe. I want to streamline your logistics experience as much as possible. For the October event we will be adding this to the pre-reg.

Goblin Point Expenditures
If you are wanting to spend Goblin Stamps at the start of game, please go ahead and email that to me. Page 86 in the player’s guide covers the wide variety of expenditures possible. This will also be added for the October pre-reg to streamline the logistics process.

For a brief recap:
*Spell books or Alchemy books
*Potions, elixirs, gasses, traps
*Scrolls (not Ritual Scrolls)
*Weapons and Armor
*Spellcrafting Reagents

You may also spend Goblin Points on:
*Full Set of Protective Spells (Endow, Weapon Shield, Poison Shield, Elemental Shield and either Spell Shield or Reflect Spell) for 40 Goblin Points
*Filling 10 levels of a Spell Store item for 50 Goblin Points
*LCO offerings as outlined here: (https://docs.google.com/document/d/12LwG5MHtUC9WamgiJ-mi1p_PzaTUuNeYJjLi9FJ2oUI/edit)

Packet Returns
When you head to logistics, if you have pre-registered for the event you will be handed an envelope with all your tags, coin, and battle boards. There may also be notes from Plot, rumors, or out of character information relevant for the event.

Please, return your packet once you have pulled everything out of it. We reuse these packets as it helps to cut down on cost.

Players of characters overcap! [CAP: 106)
Logistics won't have battle boards for you. You will need to build and print your character with the Freeplay website (https://freeplay.alliancelarp.com/users/sign_in).
Please bring this copy to logistics and we will be able to sort out any tags and production needs. I would have added this to my last post, but Discord word counts hate my posts.