Lookin' for Maker Folks Across Fortannis!

Discussion in 'Fortannis' started by Gandian Ravenscroft, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. Gandian Ravenscroft

    Gandian Ravenscroft Knight Southern Minnesota Staff Marshal

    Hi all of Fortannis! It's Silp!

    So, when folks go adventurin’, the big stuff worth gold usually are things like magic items and ritual scrolls and such! Buuuuut, I don't actually really care about magic items or ritual scrolls and such, and over the last while, I've been kinda endin' up with a bit of extra gold in my stuff!

    I was sorta wonderin’ what I ought to be doin’ with it, but then I also remembered that I don’t actually have a lot of different clothes! I mean, I got my apple shirt (which looks kinda really goofy without my flower coat), my flower coat (which I really should get spirit linked or somethin’, just so I never end up losin’ it and lookin’ kinda really goofy wearin’ the apple shirt without it), my Plateau shirt (which’s got my Stump on it, and an elephant for my Elephants, and some scratches for the Indiesie), and my flowy pants (plus the other pants I wear underneath ‘em, I guess, but that’s so only one pair gets roughed up when adventurin’), but it could be really fun to get more clothes and stuff!

    So, is there anyone around Fortannis that might be able to make me some new shirts and stuff or somethin’ if I pay you gold? I could get you my measurements and stuff (I got kinda long arms and kinda wide shoulders), talk with you about ideas for what kinda colors and styles I’m lookin’ for, then ship out some gold to wherever you live and you send me the thing you made! How does that sound?

    Ooh, or if you make cool other non-clothing stuff, like armor, or fancy weapons, or jewelry, or pouches, or whatever, I’m good with that as well! If you make somethin’ cool and want to see about sellin’ it to me, lemme know and I’ll see if I want to buy somethin’ from ya! I like a lot of different kinds of stuff!

    I know a lot of folks don’t really do a lot of talkin’ or listenin’ here, so if you do see this and think “Hey, my buddy so-and-so makes things but probably didn’t hear this”, you should tell your buddy so-and-so that makes things about this and have ‘em get in contact with me! Or if you know your buddy so-and-so that makes things makes things, you could just tell me who your buddy so-and-so that makes things is, and I can contact ‘em directly!

    Ooh, and of course, if you make me somethin’, I’ll be sure to show if off and brag loudly about how great it is and the great person I got it from, so you can get more business if you want! That should go without sayin'! But, I guess I said it, so... nevermind on the not-havin'-to-say-it point!

    So yeah, how does all that sound? Let me know if you think you’ve got somethin’ you can make for me, and we’ll see about figurin’ somethin’ out!

    ~ Silp
    (Lord of the Plateau of Thonesh of Ca La Dorne of Wayside of Terna, but that's not important – don’t think of me differently just ‘cause I’m a Lord! I'm not really the fanciest Lord out there!)
  2. Gilwing

    Gilwing Baron Alliance Logistics

    Hey @Redcloud Slip is looking for something you might be able to help with. Show him your fine jewelry you make.
  3. JordarAd

    JordarAd Newbie

    I am a calligrapher and artist - I make paintings, drawings, and fine scrolls and books by request. If you're interested in a great gift for nobility, nothing says "feudalism" much like a portrait of your liege lord...

    I'd be willing to trade for goods, services, or hard coin as well, if you're interested. You can find my work in a variety of Galleries, but most of it can be found here: (www.saatchiart.com/jordancbrun)

    You can find me currently serving as the Mages' Guild Liason for Prince Malidor's Outpost in the Whitefang Mountains.

    -Brother Faux
  4. Gandian Ravenscroft

    Gandian Ravenscroft Knight Southern Minnesota Staff Marshal

    Hi Brother Faux! I'm Silp!

    Your art is real fancy and super cool! But at the moment, I'm more lookin' for stuff I can wear or use or whatever, if that makes sense! If that changes, though, I'll definitely keep ya in mind! Keep on keepin' on doin' good work!

    Hi Redcloud, assumin' Gilwing managed to point you my way! I'm Silp!

    You make jewelry stuff? I wear a big leather necklace right now, but other than that, I don't really have a lot of jewelry stuff, and I'd definitely be interested in seein' what kind of jewelry stuff you can make! What kinds of jewelry stuff do you make? Can you show me some of the stuff you've made before?

    I'm super excited to see people reachin' out with their work to me! Anyone else out there in Fortannis make cool stuff that they want to try to sell me?

    ~ Silp
  5. Redcloud

    Redcloud Scholar


    Indeed he did. If you were to give me an idea of the type of baubles, and materials you would be interested in, I'm sure I could come up with more than a few ideas to run by you. What minerals do you prefer, or covet. Braclets, pendants, earrings or something unique? Perhaps you have a spacial someone whom you;d like to woo or court with a shiney trinket or token of affections. I only work with the purest, most natural of minerals, some purchased from other miners, some dug from the ground or pried from the rock by my own hands. I'll send you the location of a place where you can look and purchase some of my wares that are already completed...

    Redcloud Blooddawn
    Gemsmith and Sage

    ((OOG https://www.facebook.com/TreeOfLifeLapidary ))

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