Looking for a certain someone...


Hello all. :)

Just wanted to say that it was awesome meeting you guys at the event in Boulder Creek this past weekend, I am coming back for sure!

So my thing is, my wife Kaya was talking to a lady healer in the tavern, but is unsure how to get in touch with her about some of the things they were talking about. She has tried to get access to the group on Facebook, but her request for access is still not approved. So she wanted to see if there would be some better luck on here.

Here is what I know, because we do not have her name.

1) A Lady
2) A Healer
3) Wore a pouch on her belt that was real fox pelt
4) They talked in the tavern on Friday night for a good while. (Kaya and The Healer)

Thats all I have. If anyone can point me to where my wife can contact her, or if you are this Lady that we are searching for, please let me know. :)

Again, had a GREAT time with the NPCs and everyone else Saturday. Thank you all.

See you soon. ;)



I think we got her added to the facebook group and connected them. Thanks for coming out to the game and hope to see ya at another one soon!