Looking for a place to stay



My name is Brayden, I am a merchant from the land of Strayden. In a few weeks my daughter and I will be coming to your land for a few days and was wondering if there was a place for visitors to stay.

Also, are there any laws I should be concerned with in the matters of buying, selling, and trading?

I am also a potion maker and an alchemist. Please let me know if you wish to order anything.

Thank you,
Five Crowns Market
Member of the Ashen Collective
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Ryan W

Hey Brayden. You're welcome to come bunk with me. I typically only have 1 other person staying with me on a semi-regular basis so there's plenty of room.

Luke Bluwolf


Lets give this another try shall we?!

Again my daughter and I are looking to make a trip to your area, but from what I understand the mists have brought her once before. We are in need of a place to sleep and escort to the camp if one can be provides.

Master Brayden
Five Crowns Market
Memeber of the Ashen Collective


Coro, if you can hear me I can vouch for Master Brayden. He's helped me quite a bit in Strayden and is a very good man. Coro?

[Kel's voice]


This is Killian Flyte, Captain of the Militia and Armsman of the Silverblades. The Militia cabins are always open to those that would like to stay. You and your daughter are welcome if you wish.


Greetings Armsman,

If master Kel's call to his friend does not pan out, I would love to take you up on your offer.

Master Brayden


Thank you to those offering my daughter and I safe sleeping space, however it won't be needed

I have been politely asked by the
nobility of my land to make myself available at their convenience. So I am postponing any business that takes me outside of town.

Again, thank you.

Master Brayden