Looking for Crafting Marshals

Graham Wolsey

Hi Denver!

We are looking for a few detail-oriented players willing to give some of their time to enhancing our chapter's crafting experience at games. If you are interested in helping the game by taking care of some paperwork and assisting players learn a new system please contact plot. We aren't looking to add anyone before the April game, but are interested in expanding the team of crafting folks before our game in June.

Your main responsibilities will be:
1. Understanding the crafting system and being able to answer simple questions about it.
2. Taking crafting materials tags and printing a finished item for players that have the pre-requisite skills and crafting plans.
3. Filling out a log of the transaction. This process will all happen in the Merchant's Guild so if you are interested in that guild all the better!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. This position will receive gobbies and take a lot of potential work off of logistic's plate.