Looking for pointers on RP part of LARP


So people that have interacted with me in game i would love pointers for how to improve Brusiey. I find the Role Play part a little difficult at times I would like to contribute more in this area but not sure how i am doing already or what others think of my character Bruisey Foemangler. I enjoy the live action part of LARP more probably from my years of physical sports. I may not have the technique to sword fighting down but I hardly back down from a fight. But really would like to enrich the interactions with other players.
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talking to NPCs is good but also getting into your character does help learning about the race of your character and how you want to portray that can be both helpful and enjoyable.


I find that mannerisms really help get me out of my head and into my character's. Makeup as well, but my skin's not a huge fan of it anymore.

The most helpful thing I can suggest is to figure out what Bruisey does differently than Bryce, and why. Then those actions start to become part of getting yourself into character, and building on them will further separate the two.


The most helpful thing I can suggest is to figure out what Bruisey does differently than Bryce, and why.
This is excellent advice. When I made Ragnarok I built him based on parts of myself. He is passionate and vocal about things that are important to him. He has a tendancy to say the wrong thing without thinking it through.

He got better when I learned what about him differs from myself. He can't stand people that he thinks are weak. He thinks 90% of problems can be solved with violence.

Beyond all that the more you play and the more you immerse yourself in the game the easier it becomes. When your character has a moment that changes them that's a big deal! The more of those you have the more your character becomes their own person and the better the RP becomes.

Hope that helps!



Thirding the, "how is my character different than me?" research, and also writing up a brief background that digs into a character's history, goals, motivations, and activities other than being a professional adventurer. I couldn't settle into Azeban's personality until doing those, which made it really difficult to interact with other characters in a consistent manner during my first couple events.

I basically took the most core and important parts of my personality/motivations (needs to be able to wisecrack, gives a @#%^ about other people's feelings, needs to avoid actions [rules loopholes, serious treasure skimming, etc.] that disrupt other people's fun and damage the growth of the player base) and threw all the rest of me out the window. Azeban moves differently and has a different physicality than Wendall. Azeban values different qualities in people than Wendall. His motivations are different; his thinking, judgement and decision-making process both more black-and-white and wierdly filtered through his personal biata code of ethics; his capacity for cruelness is much greater to those who have not earned a place in his mind as an equal (and pretty much all non-biata start out in the "lesser than me" category). Such a big difference means I usually have to spend time psyching myself up to become Azeban and to decompress afterwards... one of the reasons I built and started wearing the big armor was because it helps me stay in character.

You can make Bruisey as much or as little like Bryce as feels comfortable. There's no wrong way to sort out your character's personality and, like Sid said, those big moments where you realize an event changes, solidifies, or otherwise makes your character's personality grow are big deals. :)


Yeah, and it will shift over time, too. Nikolai for me started out with a character concept of a long-suffering conscripted sergeant in the Ternian army. He's evolved since then to pick up a lot more of my cynical sense of humor and a certain world-weary fatalism due to having seen too much, and to be quietly a lot nicer that he was written to be as I am just not very comfortable playing a PC that's shady on the level that could make the game less fun or fair for other players.