Looking for someone to be editor for the Acarthian Times.

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  1. Cedric

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    First, I want to thank Val for his hard work being editor for the Acarthian Times for the last several years. If you ever take the time to read it over on Friday night of the event, know that plot and Val (and also some players) work really hard to make it happen. Thanks again Val for all your hard work.

    If you take on this responsibility you will work with the plot committee directly (not me) on collecting content and then providing the layout of the Acarthian times. You'd also print out copies and bring them to game. For this, you will be compensated 200 GS per event.

    A lot of the templates have already been created by Val and we can provide those to whoever takes on this role. You will not be expected to create any content for it. We unfortunately do not have software to provide for the layout, so you would need to provide that yourself.

    If you are interested and want more information, please e-mail acarthianGM@gmail.com


    Mike Paxton
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  2. Traceroo

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    On behalf of Acarthia's Plot Team, I wish to echo Mike's thanks for Val, who really turned The Acarthia Times into something very special for this game over the past few years. It was really a pleasure to work with someone so consistently reliable and fast in his responses by email. Val did a teriffic job, and all of Team Prometheus is very grateful to him!

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  3. Belswin

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    Val rules!!
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  4. Wundur

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    I'm interested in taking on the Acarthia Times editor job. I already started talking with Jenn about it during the June event.
    Will follow up with Plot directly soon.

    Bret Halford

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