Looking for volunteers for Treasure Bag


Do you enjoy getting paid after every field battle? Do you like shaking down shady characters after each fight for loot? Do you want to help the town? Do you just want paid faster?

If you said yes to any of these then Please Come HELP Treasure Bag. These good folks work very hard to make sure everybody gets their fair share. From the healers, refitters, and army of pages in the back, to casters and warriors that are too busy killing undead and outsiders to loot, everybody gets paid.

I wish to thank anybody who has ever helped with Treasure Bag in the past and Sir Kendrick for the initial idea. This town and every Adventure in it owes you a drink.

Finally, I will be stepping down from Treasure Bag so we are looking for new leader. I am not gonna lie, its a ton of work. But its work worth doing.

So Please come help us all out.


In Service to New Acarthia,

Goodman Belswin Torrid of Burhman Market


Thank you for your service, Goodman Belswin! At least a few representatives of the Merchants Guild would be happy to take over this responsibility for you. I eagerly await your instruction on the finer points of this role at your next convenience.

- Assistant Guildmaster Markov of the New Acarthia Merchants Guild


Thank you Guildmaster Markov, I will be happy to instruct you and anybody else next gather.


I volunteer to carry the bag from time to time after a battle, and approach the townsfolk to make convenient their contributions.

Dame Katherine Albright


I would also like to learn how to operate this. It is something I have little knowledge of the dynamics and would live to assist in anyway.


I have interest in assisting, however would not have the spare time to lead such an endeavor. Your work up until now has been seen and appreciated very much, Goodman Belswin.

If those who take lead on this are willing to instruct others who wish to help, pleasenjote my interest.

Thank you,
Mevanwy Atrepides of the Juren