Looking to find a group of Chicago LARP


Hey guys, my name is Matt and I've always been intrigued by larping. I have two kids now, so my only RPG scene has been in games for the last five years.

If there is a LARP community or even DnD groups I would really like to get involved. I don't truly know how to go about this but I signed up because I really want to find a good group. Just moved back here recently.

Edit: I really prefer a medieval style setting. Akin to DnD or everquest or whatever fits that lol. Also I think I posted this off topic so if a mod could move it to the appropriate forum I would appreciate it :)

Thank you!
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Well, you found us! Lol

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We are a high fantasy medieval setting. Lots of information about the local flavor we are running is available via players handbook and race packets. Reach out if you have any questions.